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Why Relax?

Relaxation is one of the fundamentals in life, in addition to breathing & drinking water.  It helps us to be ourselves in a calmer manner, and accomplish many more things we would have only dreamt about previously!   It helps us to relax not only physically but psychologically also which in turn encourages more physical relaxation, etc etc a wonderful loop of calmer living.  Many people have forgotten the basics of deep breathing and can end up shallow breathing whereby reducing the amount of needed oxygen into our bodies and stiffening up all the necessary muscles.  Have you noticed that when you are “overwhelmed” the following may happen…

  • Your Brain goes on strike?
  • You cannot think clearly for the life of you?
  • Your work colleagues avoid you for fear of eruptions?
  • Your ability to study has left the building for a long holiday?
  • Your family and everyone around you seem argumentative or have disappeared completed?
  • Everything takes 3 times as long & 10 times more energy?
  • You feel like just lying down and sleeping?
  • Planning logically is like climbing Everest?
  • Your tummy starts talking to you & your digestive system goes haywire?
  • You lay awake at night counting the marks on the ceiling?
  • Or you wake up asking yourself if you’ve actually slept?
  • You wonder why you can’t stop thinking?
  • Etc Etc!

Don’t worry there is hope... thank heavens for RELAXATION!!!!  Studies have shown that it can assist with the following…

  • It slows down or eradicates the horrid overthinking
  • Helps regain back your life
  • Returns your ability to be positive again
  • Oxygenates your cells
  • Improves sleep yay! (from improved Oxygen intake by proper deep breathing during the day/prior to sleep, by being able to maintain a relaxed state throughout the day, and slowing down body processes which can lead to overthinking/worry in the first place – its stops that cycle).
  • Digestion improves – by the diaphragm massaging the digestive organs, and again, by relaxing which allows the digestion to work effectively (rest & digest – we cannot digest our food effectively when on the go, go, go physically or mentally).
  • Allows you to enjoy your life more fully
  • The benefits go on and on and on….

We have Group sessions and also special Relaxation Cds available, so give Mandy a call or email to gain your calmer self and Optimise your life NOW!