Relaxation CDs

Own the magic of Centring & Gaining Peace in your own homes…


OTB deep breathing CD“Deep Breathing” Relaxation CDs.  A must have Relaxation CD which guides you through a particular way of deep breathing to; centre and ground yourself whenever needed; expand your lungs; bring movement into the intercostal muscles; give yourself an internal massage; improve your Oxygen flow deep down into your lungs etc.  Amalgamates various techniques to use eastern and western approaches for deep breathing relaxation.

Relaxation CDs currently a special for only $10 each, Contact us to order yours in time for promoting self relaxation!…  Watch this space for more techniques to follow…

Wooden People Diffusers.
wooden diffuser mauve
Wooden diffuser with mauve braid

These little guys are designed (by Mandy) to represent the partnership between the mind & body, and because every person is special in life, they have a swarovski crystal, shining like the star they are in the centre of their core.  Making each of these gorgeous handcrafted (by Lionel) little people a treasure to wear or keep nearby, as a symbol to remind us to remain centred & connected to ourselves.  Each one has a centre hole through their heads precisionally placed to drop your highest frequency *Young Living Essential oil into, & they come with 3 stoppers to alternate these life enhancing scents…  They are available in a neck or a cradle hanger lovingly handmade (by Mandy) in cotton.  These diffusers are available in a variety of rainbow/chakra colours… including white, purple, mauve, pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black, black/white & rainbow/chakra colours.

wooden diffuser tassie pine rainbow
Tassie Pine wooden diffuser with rainbow/chakra hanger
wooden diffuser cradle rainbow
Pine wooden diffuser in rainbow/chakra cradle
wooden diffusers close up hanging
Pine wooden diffusers available in a choice of rainbow/chakra colours
wooden diffusers cradles close up
Pine wooden diffusers in cradle available in a choice of rainbow/chakra colours


wooden diffuser x3 green blue mauve
Pine wooden diffusers in a variety of rainbow/chakra colours







These handcrafted Wooden People Diffusers are available at a special rate of only $20, including 2 spare stoppers.  Contact us now to gift these health enhancing delights in time for loved ones birthdays, special occasions or just because you care!

Rainbow/Chakra Artworksrainbow artwork close up

These delightful works of art are handcrafted in cotton (by Mandy) to colour your world with the 7 main vibrant colours of the rainbow & chakras.  By having a balance of colour within our being & surroundings, adds the harmonious energy of the different levels of colour therapy to anyone’s own home.

Contact us to secure your artwork for a special price of only $15 today…
rainbow artworkGift Certificates

Give the gift of helping your loved ones magically target their Optimus True Being and become the Star They Are this Year.  Gift Certificates available in any denomination, Contact Mandy to arrange for yours ASAP!