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Finding your triggers

triggerWith a variety of techniques including discussion, body work, etc, enables you to become aware of your triggers (for example…feeling devalued, worthless, fearful, unsafe, insecure, hurt, self neglect, perfectionism, etc).  This gives you your power back to be yourself.

By being aware of what triggers your anxiety, fear, defensive behaviours, pain, fatigue, etc, can assist you to remain centered, hence preventing others to pull your triggers.

How to be centred…

Finding your Centre…

What's my centre?...There are many different forms of Centre…

  • Centre of your physical body – top to bottom, side to side & front to back

Question… Where do you feel the centre of your body is?

  • Centre of your mind – left/right, front/back, side/side of your brain

Question… Is your brain working equally together? Are you able to relax your mind during daily activities?

  • Centre of your spirit – Are you centred in your intuition feeling of who you are?

Question… What is your purpose in life?  Are you fulfilling it?

Finding out who you really are allows you to stay true to that in whatever you do, being in your own true gentle power.

Being Centered is the key… Body, Mind & Spirit

The Star You AreGoal setting…

Goal setting_rainbow targetWhen we know who we are, we can better figure out where we are going in life and our purpose.  Goal setting enables us realise this.  It provides a measure to where we are, it gives us a focus to where we’d like to be, identifies how we’d like to feel, and where we are actually aiming in life.  For example… “I speak clearly and confidently to other people”, or “I perform well in exams” etc.

The key is to tap into your internal resources then optimise them to truly be!

Finding Limiting Beliefs…

Most of the time, setting goals is not enough to be able to achieve them.  Often it can feel like there is some sort of wall restricting us from living and accomplishing our goals.brick wallThis can be either physically or mentally. ..

Mentally it is generally because of a limiting belief.  These limiting beliefs are false or negative thoughts that may have developed either from life experience, or from others around you, for example… “If I do well at school, others won’t like me and I’ll be on my own”.  As you can see this could prevent your or your child from doing well at school because they fear being alone.  This can lead subconsciously  to dropping grades, and becoming unable to focus and do well at school to avoid this negative feeling.  There can be a few limiting beliefs which surround a goal (e.g. doing well at school, work, sport etc).

Our aim is to find these limiting beliefs, and bring them to your awareness, to allow them to be dissolved and conquer that goal!…brick wall

dissolving the wall to overcome the limiting beliefGoal Achieved!



From a Physical perspective there may be a structural, biochemical or electromagnetic issue.  Other possible causes may be that…

  • The goal is not realistic to your body type
  • The dietary nutritional intake is not being met
  • The messages from the brain may be getting blocked from communicating with the muscles
  • The brain may not be receiving sufficient nutrition to fully function
  • Primitive reflexes may not be integrated
  • Unbalanced muscles maybe pulling the bones out of alignment, etc etc.

Dissolving triggers and limiting beliefs…

A variety of techniques are used to identify the above possible root causes with an aim to reduce and ideally dissolve the presenting unwanted conditions and issues.   The following effective tools may be used during a session for both identifying and releasing unwanted “stuff”

  • Discussion/Counselling
  • Structural Evaluation
  • Kinesiology
  • NST Bowen (Neuro-Structural Integrative Technique)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Philosophy
  • Meridian Psychology and Acupressure Points
  • Body Internal Focusing
  • Flower Essences
  • Constitutional Homeopathy
  • Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Crystals, Colour & Sound Therapy
  • Facial/Tongue/Pulse/Nail Indicators
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Inner Child Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Passion & Purpose Techniques

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