The Best Cacao Chocolate I’ve Ever Created & Tasted!!…

Get yourself a star silicon mould, or any mould you fancy will do.

  • Melt 100g cacao butter (found some buttons at aldi)… Thermomix way = speed 1, 55 degrees for 5mins.
  • Add 70g organic cacao powder
  • 130g dates
  • 30g coconut oil
  • 1-2 drops *Young Living Peppermint oil

Thermomix way = speed 6 for 10 seconds.  Or just blend in a good mixer until blitzed.

Spoon into the moulds, I placed the moulds onto a chopping board & covered with a glass chopping board to keep flat.  Cool in the fridge or freezer…

Indulge & Enjoy!

Young Living oils are the highest quality & TGA approved for culinary use, see this link for more information on these amazing body nourishers inside and out from nature…