nut milkWe use this as a delicious & healthy alternative to dairy milk.  Macadamias tend to be higher on the Omega 3 intake, compared to other nut milks (hence going easy on the cashews!).

  • 130g macadamias
  • 10g cashews*
  • 700g water

If you have a marvellous Thermomix (yes it is well loved!)…Simply put on Speed 8 for 1 min 10 secs, and drink by the glass each day, or use in other fabulous dairy free milk recipes.  If you do not, then use a blender and mix!  Enjoy!

* Activating the cashews first by soaking them in filtered water with a dash of Himalayan sea salt for around 4hours allows for easier digestion.  (We then keep a stash of these activated nuts in the freezer to have at the ready when needs call & to keep them from spoiling for a while longer!)