My aim to help you and your dog

I truly understand and treasure the importance of K9 connection.  I love watching the realisation dawn as the parent and fur child reconnect to their mind, body and soul. 

The relationships we build with our fur companions are second to none, sorry partners!  The feel good hormones flooding our systems as we run our fingers through their fur.  The big smile erupting on our face when greeted by a wobbling body and tail.  Watching the entertaining innocent playfulness as if it’s our favourite tv program!

Being a parent to our furry companions does have its challenges though.  It can sometimes feel like standing on the edge of a precipice with no ground to stand on or no obvious path to follow, feeling lost and desperate when all we want to do is look after them the best we can.  To allow them to be a dog!

After having spent over 13years caring for my fur baby, I know what it is like to feel the roller coaster ride of emotions.  The anxiety, guilt, grief, sadness, worry, fear, frustration, stubbornness, crying (both them and us!), illnesses, injuries, first aid, trauma, the journey from kibble to raw food, operations, cancer, so many potential life changing situations. 

I know what it is like to look into those all knowing eyes and think “what can I do?  What do you want? What do you need?  What are you trying to tell me?  Why are you doing that?!  I’m not a mind reader!  Just tell me, give me a sign!  It’s pouring with rain, how am I going to get that overexcited energy out of your system?  I don’t have time for a walk today.  Why are you digging?!! Ahhh I can’t do this!  I am a rubbish fur parent!”

How on earth do we know how to look after our little angels without words whilst all of our emotions rage on along with some unhelpful thoughts of…

  • Feeling stupid or useless
  • Feeling a failure
  • Thowing our hands in the air having had enough!

Do not fret.  There is always hope.

Today, hope comes in the guise of a Holistic Kinesiologist!

Thank goodness I had my Kinesiology to help us along the way!  Even feeling like we were the most therapised family ever, it was still tricky at times!  He was so worth it, I learnt a lot about dogs and myself from our beautiful fur boy.

K9 Kinesiology on the Central Coast – What is it and how can it help my dog? 

Rather than going into all the ins and outs of all the helpful tools I have, how about we keep it simple.  Let’s focus on how I can assist you in meeting the needs of you, your human family and your beloved fur buddy.  

How I help you and your whole family, both humans and dogs.

I listen.

I provide the space and time to really notice what I see happening, then help you connect to it.

We go on an adventure together, a journey of discovery. 

We explore what area may be triggering discomfort.  This maybe physical, emotional, biochemical, or energetically. 

We listen.

We listen with all our senses.

We nut out how to calm everyone’s central nervous system.

There may be something else that is causing a disruption to the relationship.  It always fascinates me what can help, and the ways we can come back to our centres to release tension and find a sense of peace and calm.

Dr Schuessler Biochemic Tissue Salts

I may notice some mineral deficiencies evident in the skin, fur, eyes, nails, tongue, wherever it may be showing.  

I love how Dr Schuessler spent years of his life dedicated to researching signs and symptoms of which mineral affects what.  He then made them biochemically easily absorbable under tongues and through mucous membranes for us. 

My fur boy used to love gently take them from me and chomp them or play games with them to find and get them into his system. 

They take only seconds to go into ours and our dog’s blood stream to stimulate our cells into repairing themselves, just as they are meant to.

I’ve had dogs who just eat them like treats like mine did, some who have them made into a paste and applied to certain areas, others who lick them dissolved in water. Finding solutions is fun lol!

I especially loved being a part of the small animal tissue salt course where we identified the signs and symptoms of a variety of dogs and horses’ mineral deficiencies and went through case studies.

I stock the German practitioner range which use the original recipe of Schuessler himself. These consist of the necessary 12x potency of Calc Fluor, Ferr Phos and Silica to match the body’s biochemistry.

Bach Flower Essences for dogs

I remember having fun dropping the Bach Flower Essences onto his tongue, nose, wherever it landed!  He lapped it up. 

The amasing Welshman Dr Edward Bach, left surgery to return to nature and further his research into helping to restore and support many bodies and minds over his years with his flower essences. 

He honoured the importance of identifying, supporting and matching personalities and emotions to the appropriate flower essence for stimulating our own abilities to heal. 

I love making up these gentle essences to support our dog’s hearts and souls.

There is something very soothing and strengthening about both of these natural ways to support our loved ones’ system wherever possible.

There are always ways to find comfort within.

End of life support and care

Coming to terms with and also having to make the massive decision to end suffering, is one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. 

I know the pain, I felt and still feel some aspect of pain at times.  I am honoured to be here for you to help ease your journey through your grief. 

Along the way, together we gently transform any emotional bumps or mountains, into a space for true healing.

Our loved one wouldn’t want us to get stuck in devastating pain and to stop living. 

They would want us to find joy again, to move forward with the support of our beautiful memories with them. 

They would not want us shutting down our hearts in protection because it hurts so much. 

They certainly wouldn’t want our hearts slammed shut, locking in trapped hurt to fester under the surface and continually build to cause us more pain in the long run. 

It may seem cruel to face that most painful hurt.  However, it is crucial to open our hearts again and acknowledge that intense burst of pain. 

Together we can take a little peep under any emotional scars or unhealed wounds when you are ready, bit by bit to allow the healing process. The pain will not last.  The waves will reduce, they will become gentler, they will be more manageable I assure you.

By keeping our hearts open, this overwhelming pain will then be given the chance to leave our system.  Our hearts will then be allowed to truly heal by letting healing energy back in. 

The image from the Disney film Frozen comes to mind right now when only true love can heal a frozen heart.   

I am here to hold the space for you as you identify and organise thoughts and feelings throughout your grieving process. 

It is essential to have support, to allow someone to sit next to us as we ride the emotional roller coaster of grief. 

It may never fully leave us.

It can sometimes wash over us and feel like it smacks us in the face every now and again.

We can however, help it fade to a gentler energy by comforting each wave as we would comfort a friend or a child.

We owe it to ourselves and our dearly departed loved one to keep open that door to our heart.  After all, they spent their life helping us to feed and nourish our hearts and to fill that space up. 

Now is the time for us to put all that love we gave to them into ourselves.  To keep healing our hearts and truly look after ourselves.

I invite you now to gift yourself the best opportunity to truly heal. 

True Dog Companionship

I gaze at my dog and what do I see?
A pure soul reflection looking at me

We care so deeply, our boundaries are blurred,
Always to be near, embracing preferred

We tend to outlast them, many a year
Pure love they give us, and many a tear

Limps may come and go, senses can reduce
belly’s can bloat, after farts no excuse!

Some escape or cower, some bite or cry
So hard without words to express, oh my

Emotions are felt, sucked up like a sponge
Important to notice, so take the plunge

They shake off their troubles and cleanse themselves
They teach us so much, our triggers and bells

Its time to listen, deep dive in ourselves
They watch and observe, with all of our delves

When you need a supportive hand or two
I’m here to help soothe or release a poo!

So if you find you’re concerned, just reach out
I will do all I can without a doubt 😊

Our dogs are pure love, companions, our friends
We’ll do all we can, right up to the end

Poem by Mandy Wheen dedicated to all fur angels both present and over the rainbow bridge xo

Together we can gather up the memories of your life together.  Their companionship lives on in you, honour their loving memory by living with all their gifts.

Reach out, I look forward to helping you piece back the pieces to becoming even stronger as yourself xo. 

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