Online Guided Visualisation Experience

Star Wars Lovers – Relax and Fuel Your Force with Acupressure!

You don’t necessary have to be a star wars fan, but it helps!  AFTER ALL… It’s nearly Star Wars Day…

star wars lovers themed relaxations with kinesiology

May the 4th Be With You!!

This is a special online Star Wars themed event for a group of 15 adventurers!
Whilst in the comfort of your own home, I will tune into what acupressure point is most useful for the group attending on the evening.
I will explain how to hold the acupressure point.
The aim is to hold it whilst I guide you through the visualisation to release anything that may be stuck.
Not only does the point aim to enhance relaxation whilst holding it, but also continues to balance itself afterwards for around 24hrs.
I gently guide you towards finding deep relaxation, to connect with and build your inner force and personal power, and feel your energy rise.

When: Coming soon
Where: In a galaxy right here and now
Time: In the not too distant future
Cost: Precious and to be worked out…

Click here, or on the picture to see the previous one. It is nearly time to secure your seat, no actual passport needed for this enjoyable journey!…

Acupressure points and star wars guided visualisation

Resilience Training online

I invite you to be transported into the stillness of your powerful inner world…  to build resilience and enhance your inner strength…

Resilience is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as… “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness… the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity”

It is of upmost importance to build your own inner strength and resilience during any challenging time... So… I am offering you the opportunity to explore ways of tapping into your own powerful body to enhance its strength as you are guided through personalised online sessions to relax…

You may ask how relaxation can assist our resilience?  When we get to truly know ourselves and become our own best friend, we can learn to grow our own inner strength.  By being confident in who we are and trusting our guts and intuition, we can effectively reduce and push out negativity and anything that may creep in and induce fear worry or anxiety, So…

Relaxation Kinesiology

Fancy a bit of that?  Yes please!… Contact me, Mandy to set up a time to begin or continue your relaxation adventures with her online.
This can be an opportunity to feel pampered, in addition to your in-depth awakening sessions effectively being provided on line.  We all need a massive dose of uplifting and enjoyment right now on our current journey to wellness.

Grab your cuppa… find yourself a time out space… and indulge yourself in some peace and tranquillity… 

All you’ll need is… a computer or other device, internet access, a sense of fun and adventure… and hey presto… your home is transformed into a magical natural habitat with your very own Integrated Therapist assisting you through the whole process…

If you are wanting to hold a relaxation event of your very own to celebrate a special occasion… or simply treat a group of your cherished friends and loved ones…  let me know your wishes and I can guide you all through your own personalised rewarding and relaxing online experience…  Tailored to your own special needs for that wonderful uniqueness!  Learn techniques to promote relaxation on a daily basis yourselves, or simply relax and enjoy being cared for…

Why Relax?

Relaxation is one of the fundamentals in life, in addition to breathing & drinking water.  It helps us to be ourselves in a calmer manner, and accomplish many more things we would have only dreamt about previously!   It also helps us to relax not only physically but psychologically, which in turn encourages more physical relaxation, etc etc a wonderful loop of calmer living.  Many people have forgotten the basics of deep breathing and can end up shallow breathing whereby reducing the amount of needed oxygen into our bodies and stiffening up all the necessary muscles.  Have you noticed that when you are “overwhelmed” the following may happen…

  • Your Brain goes on strike?
  • You cannot think clearly for the life of you?
  • Your work colleagues avoid you for fear of eruptions?
  • Your ability to study has left the building for a long holiday?
  • Your family and everyone around you seem argumentative or have disappeared completed?
  • Everything takes 3 times as long & 10 times more energy?
  • You feel like just lying down and sleeping?
  • Planning logically is like climbing Everest?
  • Your tummy starts talking to you & your digestive system goes haywire?
  • You lay awake at night counting the marks on the ceiling?
  • Or you wake up asking yourself if you’ve actually slept?
  • You wonder why you can’t stop thinking?
  • Etc Etc!

Don’t worry there is hope... thank heavens for RELAXATION!!!!  Studies have shown that it can assist with the following…

  • Slowing down or eradicating disruptive overthinking
  • Regaining back your life
  • Returning your ability to be positive again
  • Oxygenating your cells
  • Improving sleep yay! (from improved Oxygen intake by proper deep breathing during the day/prior to sleep, by being able to maintain a relaxed state throughout the day, and slowing down body processes – which can lead to overthinking and worry in the first place).
  • Improving digestion – the diaphragm massages the digestive organs when deep breathing, and also, when relaxing, the digestion is given opportunity to kick back in effectively (rest & digest – we cannot digest our food effectively when on the go, go, go physically or mentally).
  • Allowing a return to enjoy life more fully
  • The benefits go on and on and on….

Self help video for relaxing breathing…

Here is a video I have put together about some tips on deep breathing… so practise practise practise and enjoy growing your resilience <3

Guided Visualisations available…

Now available to download or send as a gift. Bring your sense of playfulness along as you journey inwards towards deep relaxation. Seek what you need right now by following my voice and using your imagination. Relax as your tension melts away in the comfort of your own home, or revitalise yourself during a cheeky rest break at work. Explore the current selection of themed Relaxation adventures.

I would love to assist you on your journey to find comfort in you and your family’s self. To find out more about your needs, or book yourself and your family in to gain a calm comfortable life, give me a call, text or email. I look forward to meeting you, and exploring ways for you to to reconnect your mind body and spirit.

I am here to provide a caring space to support your needs. It is time to optimise your life NOW! See you soon, Mandy x

Mandy Wheen Kinesiologist