Dr Schuessler Tissue SaltsDr Shuessler tissue salts, mineral health, Kinesiology

Dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler (1821-1898), after much research, founded “biochemistry” the chemistry of living tissue.  He concluded that our body needs a balance of 12 essential mineral salts to enable our cells to function properly towards optimum health…  

Calcium Fluoride 12X
Calcium Phosphate 6X
Phosphate of Iron 12X
Potassium Chloride 6X
Potassium Phosphate 6X
Potassium Sulphate 6X
Magnesium Phosphate 6X
Sodium Chloride 6X
Sodium Phosphate 6X
Sodium Sulphate 6X
Silica Oxide 12X
Calcium Sulphate 6X

The 6X and 12X identifies the potency of these homeopathically prepared minerals. 
He found when there were deficiencies of these mineral salts present, then certain deficiency signs would show up on our faces, body, and our behaviour. 
Because they are prepared homeopathically, they are easily absorbed under our tongues, going through the mucous membrances and straight into the blood stream.  These can then assist cells to improve absorption of the needed minerals to return homeostasis, and enhance optimum functioning of our cells. 
I use the “DHU” and “Pflüger” practitioner only brands, which I find very effective because they are manufactured in Germany, using the original researched method of Dr Schuessler himself, and endorsed by the Institute of Biochemic Medicine.
Contact me to explore which minerals you may be showing signs of deficiency in, and to help you restore your vibrancy in life.