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Kinesiology hydrationHydration… use the water lifeforce you must!… Yoda must have said that at some point!

Do you use the water lifeforce?… Do you drink in life’s marvellous essential liquid?… “Boring”? “Plain”? “Tasteless”? “Yuk”?  “Yum”? “Ahhhh, Refreshing”?  How do you respond to water?  Love it or hate it?  Do you often wonder how much water do I need to drink?  What type is best?  There is much debate regarding the amount and type of “water/fluid” to drink on a daily basis, depending on who you speak to. 

How many times growing up did you or are your children saying “I’m thirsty” and hence go & get a drink of good ol’ plain water?  Many? None?  What was your/is their “go to” drink?  Bottled/tap water? fizzy pop? juice/poppers? caffeine?, etc?  What habits occur now?  Do you or your children actually feel thirsty anymore?

Unfortunately, it seems we can train ourselves to switch off our thirst indicator as we grow up.  Maybe from not wanting to stop what we were doing to get a drink, getting “caught short”, or not wanting to go to the toilet as often etc etc!
So… maybe just ask your very own guru… your body!  Observe sense and feel your body to get information… 

  • What colour is your urine?  Is it yellow or darker than yellow? 
  • Is the skin on your fingertips (palm side) wrinkled?
  • Do you go to the loo during the day, less than 4? 
  • Do you find it hard concentrating or thinking at times “brain fog”? 
  • Do you sweat alot? 
  • Does your skin look dehydrated? 
  • Can you pinch your skin & it doesn’t return to its starting place quickly, or even at all?! 
water for hydration, avoid prune features

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or want to avoid feeling like a shrivelled raisin!  It maybe best to increase your intake of plain filtered water to around 2-3 litres a day and then observe how you feel and look for your best indicators.   (Consult your health professional if you have a health concern, or are on a fluid restriction etc.)

Imagine… if you drink anything within the water, ie coffee, tea, soft drinks, refined juice, energy drinks etc, wouldn’t your body need to separate that first, and use your precious reserves of water to do so, before your body can get access to the water for hydrating?
Consider how much dried foods you are eating, which need more water to hydrate?
Are you having to use more water to detox a potentially toxic overloaded system?  This process needs an abundance of minerals too of course, so its also important to ensure you are eating highly nutritional foods, avoiding the processed nutrition depleting food and drink.  You may consider an analysis by Mandy to identify which Schuessler Salts (minerals) you may be deficient in too.  It all helps keep the good ol’ body tuned up to live our lives to the full.
How much salt are you consuming during the day/what type of salt, is it sea or rock salt vs processed refined salt?  Ensuring your health practitioner is consulted if you have a medical condition requiring this.  It is essential to not overdose on salt either, everything in balance is the key to life!
All of this needs to be considered when ensuring you get enough water.  Dr F Batmanghelidj’s book “you’re not sick; you’re thirsty, Don’t treat thirst with medications” (2008) suggests that rehydrating with sufficient pure water and the correct amount of sea or rock salt (page 160) helps with many ailments, and to balance systems. 

love the hydrating water lifeforceHow to drink water…

Have a go at trialling it for yourself… set yourself up a glass or stainless steel container of at least 2 litres of filtered water a day.  This way, you can clearly see how much water you are drinking.
Make it easy to keep it with you, be creative; use a cherished bottle; a quirky shaped cup; or a container that makes you smile whenever you look at it, just have fun!  I don’t know about you , but I love making things easy and simple to do, with a regular smile or laugh!
Keep a record in a fun notebook or on a calendar, or just watch as water helps you to feel more amazing!
All your cells of your body will be thanking you, clearing up your thinking, by hydrating and cushioning your brain and spinal cord to get the messages through.
Allowing more fluid into your joints, muscles, etc, easing more freely into movements without the creaky door effect!

Notice how your digestion of food becomes, partake in a glass of water 15mins before eating food (avoid drinking whilst you eat, to reduce dilution of the digestive juices, reducing their effectiveness).  Then await half an hour to an hour after eating to ensure you give your digestive juices to do their job.

Having a pinch of good quality organic sea or rock salt daily to allow for easier movement of the water to get the minerals distributed effectively. 

Caution with any health conditions of course, and don’t overdo the salt, here is where the skin signs can be evident if you are hydrated or deficient in Sodium Chloride. 
Be aware of what foods you are consuming, the more processed they are the more processed salt may be present.
If unsure, stick to unprocessed foods, as close to nature as possible so we know how much salt and the quality of the salt we are consuming.
We want to avoid overloading our systems with salt, which can lead to our cells shutting down their sodium update channels, leading to dehydration.
Different signs and symptoms will show up on our behaviour and body signs when we either have too much salt floating in our extra cellular fluid, leaving our cells deprived for fear of sodium overload, or too little leading to cramps and other signs.
Ensure you check with your health professional if you are unsure about your sodium levels and to find out the body signs.

Feel youthful as you wander around glowing!

Lastly but not least, good ol’ flushing out of unwanted waste products/toxins, etc, etc.  It is important to keep an eye out for reducing our toxic load.  We want to be clean living as possible to keep our cells shiny so they look after us!

It is important to remember Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water.  He demonstrated how the water molecules reacted and changed depending on the emotions they are subjected to.  Just think about how much water we are made up of… alot!! 

Cinderella said… “be kind and have courage”…  

Being kind to yourself and surrounding yourself with kindness and love is essential to balance your whole being.  It literally effects the structure of all your water molecules, hence effects your whole body and mind!
I find it so helpful to get assistance with sifting through, processing, integrating and dissolving any discomfort, traumas or issues.  I love guiding people through their muck, to really shift and boot out the nitty gritty to clean up their systems and function optimally.

Antioxidants, Berry nice…

For a cleaner alternative to tea/coffee – Place a handful of organic mixed fresh or frozen berries (for ingesting antioxidants) into boiled water, stir & enjoy!  Nourishing in winter, or into room temperature water in summer.

Enjoyable Healthy Drink…

When you wish for a flavoured water drink… have a go at flavouring your water with freshly squeezed lemon & rind, orange or lime.  Or those fresh or frozen berries, (whatever is available) tossed into some filtered or mineral water as a tasty alternative, yum!  See our macadamia nut milk for an alternative to cows milk, research has shown that the large protein molecules in the milk may result in some people having difficulties with digesting it.

The “Sugar Monster” Cravings…

Much research has also explored the effect of refined sugars on our livers, brain and systems.  Again observe your body when you have some, and see whether any pimples/acne develop, see how your abdomen/digestion is, see how your brain responds, etc etc.  It maybe best to find an alternative to those refined sugar and manufactured artificial sugar filled drinks.
Research has found that normal (highly refined with nil fibre) sugar can upset our digestion, feeds into candida, increases weight, fogs our brains, etc.  The alternative that some offer us as a “healthier option”, is “artificial sugar” – unfortunately it appears that our bodies do not know what to do with it because it is not natural, so it maybe stored in our body and increase weight!!  Do your research if unsure, and as a rule of thumb… fresh and natural as much as possible.

Kinesiology love nutritionEating Clean to Refuel and Energise…

Food is the essential fuel we put into our bodies for performing movement, thinking, organising ourselves and others, etc etc.  It is therefore important we put the best stuff in to maximise energy and flow!
Aim for organic local produce as much as possible, to reduce internalising pesticides which can build up in our systems and cause havoc.  If your purse freaks out at organic all the time… aim for consumption of organic thin skinned food, the idea being that thicker skins may provide more of a protective layer (we can but hope!).
There has been a great deal of research into the effects of pesticides, especially Glyphosate in soils, and hence in the food we eat.  Do your own research into this.  Be mindful of what goes into the soil we grow our food in… soil is the nurturing food source for our veggies, plants, flowers, herbs.  It provides minerals and nourishment for their growth.

Keeping inflammation down by avoiding sugar spikes…

We all want to keep inflammation down, to feel healthy and well. There has been a great deal of research into how sugar can lead to inflammation and cause our overall system to experience a whole heap of difficulties as a result of this.

There is a great book called The glucose revolution by Jessie Inchauspe, and it identifies loads of research and tips and tricks towards reducing our blood sugar spikes. One of the tips she identifies which I have been using is the following, changing the order in which we eat food, may be have a go yourself…

Healthier Snacks

Some suggestions for alternatives to consuming highly processed sugar – manuka honey (bonus action of anti-bacterial, thanks to those awesome busy bees!) ensuring this is eaten at the end of the meal as it is still a sugar hit according to the glucose revolution. Stevia (which is a natural plant sweetener 100xs sweeter than sugar, therefore you only need a couple of drops), and monk fruit are a great deal more stable and less sugar spiking.  Other options which include fibre are the good ol’ organic dates, raisins, plain dried organic fruits, again checking out the ingredients to eat as clean as much as possible and ideally eating at the end of your meal. Let me know how your inflammation levels go after changing just the order you eat food.

Have a go at eating a little raw organic cacao powder in replacement of cocoa chocolate & drinking chocolate.  Give it a little time, as it may taste a bit bitter initially.  However, as your taste buds return to normal (from the intense sugar hit) I promise it will taste much better soon!
Raw Cacao has been found to be high in antioxidants & other essential minerals including magnesium to help relax muscles & reduce stress!
See our recipe for home made healthier chocolate.  Of course, all in moderation please, don’t go overboard on it, sorry but anything in large amounts has the potential to be a stressor!
Have a go at a teaspoon of activated nut pastes as a tasty nibble.  Or activate your own nuts…

chocolate protein balls kinesiology
Protein balls
activating nuts kinesiology
Activating nuts and seeds to aid digestion

Activating Nuts and Seeds

To be able to digest certain foods more easily, activate your nuts, seeds, grain & legumes easily & simply by soaking them overnight in a glass bowl of filtered water and a pinch of organic Himalayan sea salt. 
Ensure you drain away the water, then give them a rinse with filtered water, this ensures the phytic acid (which can cause digestive issues) is reduced/eliminated, because these little beauties believe they are going to be sprouting and growing, which activates their nutrition power.
These can then be stored in the freezer in a suitable freezer container, ready to use in a high quality blender for nut milks for example (may need to wait around 5mins for them to soften slightly and carefully pick them out with a sturdy blunt knife, spoon or fork).
If they are grains and you wish to then cook them… the options I use are… sitting the container in cold water to defrost until they are moveable, or I add cold water into the container for a little while then use a sieve to strain the water off, or if I am being organised and I remember to… defrost them in the fridge overnight.
If the crunch factor is needed or you want to store them in the fridge or freezer or make nut pastes for example, they can be placed on a glass ovenproof dish overnight on 65degreesC to reduce the water content, hey presto… “crunch”.  Then a handful of the nuts can be blitzed with water to make glorious nut milk with, or used to make protein balls with the next day.

Healthier Meals…

Aim to avoid Processed foods, as a great deal of them contain preservatives, additives, sugar, nitrates & high sodium (processed meats), etc…  Fresh is best.
Steaming veg maintains nutritional value, and research suggests that microwaving foods can alter the molecular structure of foods/drink due to the rapid vibration of water molecules, whereby reducing the nutritional value, and potentially adding stress to an already stressed body system.

OMEGA 3… Fresh oily fish is good to eat 2-3 times a week (e.g.Salmon) – to get essential Omega 3.  If you can’t do this, the next option is freshly ground linseeds, organic walnuts, etc.  What tends to happen is our diet is abundant in OMEGA 6 (oils, etc), which unfortunately reduces the benefits of Omega 3.

Use a slow cooker – chop & chuck in veg, herbs, legumes/beans/meat, etc in the morning when you are fresh, cover it with sufficient water, so it is there smelling delicious when you & your family are ravinous & ready to eat in the late afternoon!!  See my easy bone broth slow cooker recipe.  Have a go at some of my home made recipes in the drop down menu under Healthy Options for a few favourites.

Body Clock and Detoxing…

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine, body clock… it is advisable to avoid eating heavy meals in the evening.  These can lay in the stomach and gut, and keep your body overworking during the night.  We need to rest to digest our food, and also at night is when our body goes into rest & detox mode, which it cannot do if it is still digesting our meal – so try & aim to finish eating before 7.30pm.

Mineral Deficiency Signs…

When you eat the best you can and you still crave certain foods or notice your body and mind are not at their optimum… You may benefit from some Schuessler Tissue Salts, which effectively are essential minerals which our bodies need for all our cells to function properly.  If we are deficient in any of the minerals, these will show up as signs on our faces, body, cravings, in our behaviour, etc.
These minerals are prepared so they are easily absorbed under our tongues, hence going straight into the blood stream, to directly target the cells in need, and improve overall functioning.
You are welcome to book in a session for an analysis of your face and skin, as there is alot that can be found by our body signs.  Possible mineral deficiencies have certain indicators, so you can start taking the indicated ones to help your cells and body balance up for higher functioning and to feel more nourished.
I have seen amazing results from the German made ones I use, which are most effective because they are manufactured using the original researched method of Dr Schuessler himself, and endorsed by the Institute of Biochemic Medicine.

Good Quality Sleep is Healing…Relaxation Kinesiology

Children & teens = tend to benefit most from their 12hrs of sleep to process all the information they are exposed to during the day.  Research has suggested that to get to sleep in the early evening can improve performance, aim for the most amount of sleep as possible (there was a study on teenagers where their grades significantly increased when school started later allowing them to get their full sleep, that maybe a suggestion to schools here!).

Adults = Try & get to bed before 11pm, the best quality sleep appears to be gained when asleep before 11pm and by staying asleep between 11pm-3am, try it, feel the benefits and share this tip with others.

Did you realise just because we sleep, doesn’t mean that we are necessary relaxed.  How many times do you still wake up tired?  The aim is to get better quality sleep.  Do you experience Trouble relaxing & getting enough sleep?… There are many underlying reasons why people have difficulty sleeping… can’t switch off that overthinking brain?… wake up during the night thinking of something or worrying?… too hot/cold during the night?… Book a session to discover your underlying reasons of not sleeping, and receive a tailored approach to restoring your peaceful sleep again.
Also available are calming “Individualised Relaxation ” experiences.  Also available are tailor made sessions to learn how to relax and centre yourself throughout the day, depending on your needs.  Promoting necessary restorative sleep is a beautiful essential experience to feel revitalised.

How to Regain a Peaceful Sleeping Pattern…

  • see my short video on tips to “keep calm and do deep breathing”
  • avoid using electronic devices (computer, tv, smartphone, tablet, game, etc) 1hr prior to sleep due to the glaring white screen & how it can disrupt the brain’s sleep pattern, (google this research it’s very interesting)
  • listen to a guided relaxation CD which provides various techniques to calm down the mind & body (I have them available too).
  • avoid stimulants in the early evening (caffeine found in coke, coffee, red bull & other stimulant drinks – which may affect the body in a not so helpful way in sooo many ways, black & white tea – herbal is good especially chamomile to help wind down, etc)
  • avoid high impact exercise during the last hours before sleep which over stimulates the body & mind taking more time to calm effectively for sleep
  • avoid eating heavy meals in the evening as these can lay in the stomach and keep your body overworking during the night rather than resting & detoxing – aim to finish eating before 7.30pm
  • start to reduce the amount of lighting before sleep to allow for the natural hormones to induce sleep
  • diffuse (best way to get the whole essential oil into the air without burning it & changing the constituents) relaxing essential oils* to promote relaxing & calming
  • there are many other gentle remedies for relaxing & sleeping (e.g. flower essences, tissue salts, acupressure points, etc).

Contact me now to experience your path to Optimus True Being…

Kinesiology Mandy Wheen

Some Useful Health and Wellbeing References…

Dr F Batmanghelidj “you’re not sick; you’re thirsty, Don’t treat thirst with medications” (2008), Global Health Solutions.  Here is his website for more information on his work…

There are many interesting articles on this Doctor’s website in America regarding most of the above…

Disclaimer:  All information on this website is provided for informational purposes only, and in no way is for diagnosing or prescribing for any medical issues.  Always consult your medical professional.

It is important to ensure your essential oils are of the highest quality to avoid unwanted toxins etc, and to ensure optimus clarity and cleanliness inside and out.