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Frozen Treats

The Key is all about having a stash of healthy frozen treats that are new, fun, tasty & everyone will love, here are a few of our ideas to indulge yourself with including lychees and bananas, however other fruit can be used.  This has been successful with balling melons which look very delectable.

frozen lycees photoFrozen Lychees…

The quickest & easiest treat ever!

  1. Find yourself a can of Lychees, (of course preferably organic and unsweetened)
  2. Drain the can (if using canned variety!)
  3. Soak the Lychees in some filtered water & we flavour them with a 1-2 drops of Young Living* Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Oil for a few hours
  4. Drain the liquid & place the Lychees into a freezer safe glass dish with a lid (hence avoiding nasty chemicals [which can affect our hormones] to leech into them from plastics etc), with a space in between each one, & FREEZE
  5. Enjoy!  A fork or toothpick maybe useful (taking care not to do any damage with the toothpick!!) to hold it in place when nibbling on, or just keep them in a bowl and use thy fingers.
    **  Please note Australian standards for using essential oils.  We only use Young Living essential oils due to their pure & heart felt nature containing whole plant properties (therapeutic grade essential oil) – Ask Mandy for a demonstration to experience these magical products for yourself…

Frozen Banana bits…

banana bits

Simply chop up your left over bananas and place into a freezer proof glass container with an airtight lid, to ensure you have a stash of frozen treats whenever the need arises (during summer preferably as you wouldn’t want to chill that spleen during the winter and reduce your digestion power and kidney qi/energy!).   See banana ice cream for another option…   ENJOY!

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