Kinesiology, Central Coast

***Please note, treatment sessions can also be effectively provided online if you feel more comfortable than in person.  Please contact me to take the step towards meeting you and your family’s needs towards empowerment and improving your resilience

All treatment sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Investment for Interventions…

Integrated Therapy Consultations***
Initials for Adults, Children and Dogs, and Adult Follow-ups…
1.5hrs =$150
Children under 13yrs Follow-ups…
30mins =$70
Follow up options available (discuss with therapist)…
1hr =$100
2hrs =$200
Supporting mind and body salts, sprays and drops* – these prices are only available within a full consultation
Flower Essences =$15
Vibrational Misting Spray =$15-$20**
Dr Schuessler DHU Practitioner brand Tissue Salts 200 Tablets =$18.50
Dr Schuessler Practitioner brand Tissue Salts 15g Globules (vegan/GF) =$15.50
Gift Certificates available…
Full session or part payment available =unlimited
Integrated Relaxation Session in person or online*** (50mins = $90)


Experience an integrated relaxation treatment individually tailored to your needs wherever you feel comfortable.  Either in my home clinic in the peaceful surrounds of Tascott, or in your own home via access to the internet on zoom…

Includes 50minutes of individualised relaxation treatment, minimal talking, just blissful restorative relaxation…

“Miss Austen… May I Present… Kinesiology”…*** 

You are invited to this unique experience as Mandy introduces the magical blend of Kinesiology with the gentile and elegance of Jane’s 19th Century novels.

  • Experience a blissful Kinesiology enhanced relaxation
  • Feel elegant like Jane when you slip into hand made regency attire
  • Enjoy the magic of age old journaling with a unique dip pen & ink
  • Bathe your senses with indulgent natural remedies…

  • Jane Austen themed Integrated Kinesiology sessions are 1.5hrs for an investment of $180.


    Optimus In Home Relaxation Group… *** Apologies… these are currently unavailable…*** (1.5hrs)

    Host your very own “Natural Therapy Relaxation Session” group in the comfort of your own home.  Invite up to 4 friends and family to share with you, or host your very own indulgent special occasion in this nourishing and enlightening experience.

    Includes 1.5hrs of Integrated Relaxation Therapy for up to 5 cherished souls, Comfy Relaxation Beds, Diffusing of Young Living Pure Essential Oils, Magical Mist, a chance to experience group Kinesiology for Optimus Relaxation and more…

    “Miss Austen… May I Present… Kinesiology”…*** (JA 1.5hrs, also currently unavailable)

    Share the “Austen” treatment as above, with up to 4 of your cherished companions within the comfort of your own home…

    Celebrate with indulgence for yourself & loved ones on that very special occasion, or simply share the joy & make an average day feel special.  If this tickles your fancy, please contact me, you never know I may be able to accommodate your needs…


    Young Living Essential Oils prices vary depending on the value of the oil.

    Ask us how to gain these enhancing products and save money by easily opening a wholesale account.  Shop from home, contact us now to find out how...

    Pre-session Questionnaires

    Prior to your 1st session, it is advisable to download, fill out & either email the following questionnaire to Mandy, or bring it with you to your session. This assists with initial information gathering to provide a full assessment, to set your intention for your session, and also for you to start recalling and considering important information regarding yourself…

    Females… Please Click here to download the pre-session questionnaire

    Males… Please Click here to download the pre-session questionnaire

    Children (under 16yrs)… Please Click here to download the pre-session questionnaire for your child

    PLEASE BE ASSURED, your privacy and confidentiality are of upmost importance.

    Attending In-Person Session:

    Please do not attend the clinic room if you are feeling unwell, and experiencing any flu like symptoms. Contact me as soon as possible to let me know so we can either change your appointment to an online session, or reschedule it to another suitable time. Always seek medical assistance in case of emergencies.

    Please be aware and understand that there is a late cancellation fee of $60 within 24hrs. And the full price of the scheduled appointment will be charged for a no show without reasonable cause.

    When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a consent form for the treatment session. Please ask me for a copy if you wish to peruse it prior to the day and I can email you a copy to read.

    Click on the button to download other useful information regarding what to bring and facilities available when attending your session…

    Attending an Online Session, Relaxation or Webinar:

    Here are some tips for setting yourself up for a smooth online session experience…

    Prior to the day of your online session…

    • I ask for payment of the session to be cleared prior to the online session. Invoices can be sent out via Square and paid for through their link with a credit card for an additional fee of 2.2%. Another option is by direct transfer.
    • Please download the above appropriate questionnaire, fill out and email it back to me prior to your session.
    • I will email you out the consent form to please also fill out and return to me completed prior to your session.

    Setting yourself up just prior to the online session…

    • The platform I use for online sessions, relaxations and webinars/meetings is zoom. It is available to download at
    • If this is your first time using zoom, here is a tutorial on how to join an online meeting with zoom…
    • Please ensure you have the capability for this platform on your device, and have the most up to date version.
    • I suggest you use a computer for the session, or a tablet to ensure you will not be interrupted by calls or messages for the duration of the session.
    • It is also good to consider having the option to place your device on a firm surface, or a support so you are able to move around, sit down or lie down as able, without too many interruptions so I can still see you.
    • Set yourself up in a place to avoid being interrupted, wherever possible.
    • Test your speaker and sound system prior to the session to ensure you can hear me clearly and your voice is clearly heard through your speaker. There are many tutorial videos online to assist and demonstrate how to do this and find your way around zoom, either on their website or via an internet search.
    • Consider comfortable headphones with microphone attached if you are out and about, or just for more privacy.
    • As with the in-person session, its is recommended to wear comfortable clothes so you can sit comfortably and move around in them without restriction or discomfort.
    • Have the ability to vary your position. Start off in a comfortable a sitting position, and if possible have a place where you can lie down or stand up, depending on the techniques being recommended and your abilities.

    During the online session…

    • I generally begin with a chat, to get some background information from you, in collaboration with the pre-session questionnaire (available above) which I ask you to please send to me prior to the day of your session. This assists us to have a clear idea of what area to focus on.
    • I will demonstrate for you and guide you through any movements and how to hold and activate any relevant points.

    All my sessions focus around your specific needs, so you be will guided throughout the whole process, and are free to ask anything during the process, and take a breather or stop whenever needed.

    Overall, I will do my very best to help you bring your body back into balance. My aim is to provide a supportive space where you can feel comfortable to relax and restore comfort in yourself, This then gives your body the opportunity to restore its own balance to its optimus ability.

    Thank you for choosing my service and I look forward to assisting you Optimise Your True Being…

    Optimus True Being, Mandy Wheen Kinesiology and Integrated Therapy

    I have full membership of AKA and ATMS, am fully insured. I also have my “working with children clearance” documentation which every health professional must have when working with children. Here is a link to their website

    *   Prices are current at the time of publication, and are likely to change in the future as things do! please check prior to booking 🙂

    **  The Cost of the “Vibrational Misting Spray” varies depending on the value of its content.