slow cooker bone broth

No Frills Bone Broth

slow cooker bone broth

Bone broth according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the important Qi (Energy) building foods & increases vitality (sorry to all vegetarians and vegans! For pescatarians and ovo-pescatarians, I have found the bones from a fish work well)

Here is a very simple no frills bone broth that cooks away in the slow cooker all day or all night depending on when you want to eat/prepare it…

You can purchase yourself some organic chicken legs (3 for about $3 a packet in the ol’ supermarket or other organic source) and either or also some organic lamb shanks from the same, not as cheap but still reasonable for organic due to being not too much meat on them, and its the bones you want to extract all the nutritious minerals from. Or as mentioned above, a bone structure from a whole fish from the fish shop.

Preheat the slow cooker on high and if using the meat clad bones, add them into the slow cooker on high for an hour before adding the other ingredients as follows. If using the fish bones add them with the following boiling water, enough to fill around half the slow cooker.  Keep on high then…

Chuck in some celery, carrots, raw beetroots, onion, garlic or whatever veg you like, with the important ingredient of apple cider vinegar (chuck in a huge splash, probably around 2 Tbsp) which encourages the minerals out of the bones and into your water.

Then leave to cook all night or all day (12 hours if possible) & you have both a healthy meal for when you are home, or you can wait for it to cool and store it in a freezer proof glass dish (which maybe frozen then defrosted the night before you are going to cook up a nice soup or casserole to add it to) in the fridge for the next Qi building meal, or…

Another option is to put into ice cube trays and freeze so they can be taken by bite sized pieces and added to soups (ensuring they are cooked thoroughly – boil then continue to simmer for 5 mins) or for those doggy fur baby people… they can be lovingly added to your little precious one’s meal which provides a nourishing addition to a raw meal for them to LOVE!!! 

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