Be The Star You Are – Relax Into Your Glowing Centre


Be guided into an empowering blissful relaxation with Mandy Wheen, Kinesiologist and Integrated Therapist.  Be surrounded by the universe as the stars enable you to glow and feel calm and centred..


This peaceful enlightening guided relaxation gifts you with…

1 and a half minutes of welcoming words
10 enjoyable minutes of finding and connecting with your inner star
1 minute of thanking you for listening and taking time to do this for yourself

If you have enjoyed reading the content on my website, firstly thank you for taking the time to do so!  I am so pleased my information is calling to you and helping you in some way.  As a thank you, I would like to gift you this enjoyable guided relaxation for free!

To receive your gift, I invite you to fill out the form to join my monthly newsletter, to receive tips and tricks to feel calm, centred and comfortable within yourself.  Otherwise, please go ahead and click the add to cart to buy it all for yourself, the choice is yours 🙂

I have created this starry relaxation experience, to provide an opportunity for you all to be able to self sooth your daily stressors yourself within your own home, or in any environment you are.  This therefore, reduces the need to grab your keys and travel a distance on a daily basis to find peace and tranquillity from a very talented Therapist (hee hee, me! as you may have guessed lol).

Listening to this relaxation gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fun, exciting and calming adventure.  It can also help to dissolve any annoying thoughts or feelings from their hiding places within your mind and body in order to feel calm, empowered and comfortable.  Of course, nothing is more enjoyable and calming than a wonderful Integrated Therapy session from your friendly Holistic Kinesiologist! (wink wink, couldn’t resist hee hee!)

This special themed relaxation experience, allows you to step into your own magical inner world and feel revitalised and whole again. What are you waiting for? the stars are calling you!…

Experiencing relaxation is so important to enable our magical bodies and minds to relax.  Relaxation has been proven to have many benefits; it allows our system to digest our delicious and nutritious food intake; and it also encourages detoxification to cleanse out all our pipes and amazing organs.

It is not helpful when we constantly continue to go go go, and feel like we are drowning in overwhelming and busy busy lives, impacting our minds, bodies and souls.  So please gift yourself the time to relax on a regular daily basis, for anything from 2 minutes, up to 1 hour of deep full body relaxation.  This will provide your muscles the necessary time to feel like they are dropping off your bones comfortably of course!  Allowing your muscles to release any tension and tightness that maybe stuck inside them, along with any built up and accrued unwanted waste products.  After all, don’t we all wish in life to have exceptionally clean and sparkly insides, which shows on our outsides too?  The more relaxed we feel ourselves, the more others are able to recognise and feel this when they are around us.  Resulting in helping those we care for to feel calm themselves.

There has been much research into this topic of relaxation, so who are we to argue with this basic need for our bodies?  So go ahead, and experience the benefits for yourself, you are the only one who knows how you truly feel.  After all, we all wish for the wonderful gift to feel calm and comfortable every day, so start your journey now.

So are you ready to embrace this for yourself?… go find yourself a comfortable position, preferably sitting so you can stay awake & follow the technique without falling asleep which isn’t helpful!  Believe it or not you can still fall asleep without being truly relaxed, so feel the full benefit and do your best to stay awake.  Or if you are doing this to relax just before sleep, then go ahead and lie down comfortably feeling snug as a bug.  Allow yourself this time, even if it is a brief moment on the loo!  Find a place you are able to get a moment to yourself! (sorry, an empathetic chuckle here!)  Take measures as you are able, so you will not be interrupted for the next 10 minutes, turn off those devices as much as possible! And allow yourself this sneaky moment to escape.

I will guide you with my relaxing voice, with you using your amazing imagination, to journey to find your own calm “star” centre.  I will guide you through this relaxation, and enjoy the journey, because life is all about the journey, not so much the destination is it not?!

This experience will be unique to you and your wonderful self because of your powerful imagination, and your higher self gifting you what you are needing in the moment you are doing the relaxation.  I find that we receive a variety of experiences when doing relaxation experiences from one day to another.  This may be due to the nature of our varying lives and depending on our needs and our readiness to receive and notice within our own interconnected life journeys.

After all, we are always gifted what we need, when we are needing to be gifted it, for whatever we are destined to at that time.  Very philosophical!

So… when you are sitting comfortably, let’s begin…


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