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Berry nice guilt free ice cream

Dairy free, gluten free, this berry nice ice cream certainly has the yum factor whilst being easier on the digestive system. Probably more for the warmer months this one, as we don’t want to chill those spleens, we want to warm our system up during the colder winter months. Yes, it does get cold here in Australia lol!

Here is another one of my creations to add a little yummy-ness into our lives, especially for those ‘Hufflepuffs’ in the crowd who love to fill their bellies with goodness 😉 (Hufflepuff is one of the school houses in the Harry Potter series by J K Rowling, for those who are wondering what on earth I am on about!!)

As always, I aim to use the cleanest most natural ingredients when adding them into my amasing system, after all… what we put in… we get out. So by fuelling our system with what Mother Nature provides us, enhances wellbeing, optimises health and build us up.

When we avoid things that pollute and clog up all our tubes inside us, we are gifting our bodies, minds and spirits with the best solution to feeling alive and vibrant. After all, our organs and systems are having to filter so many toxic concoctions from the environment, all around and hidden within things we knowingly put into our bodies these days, (ie preservatives, manufactured synthetic fillers, chemical ingredients, heavy metals, etc etc) it is so important to reduce our toxic load and cleanse/detox whenever possible.

So… back to the foooooddddd…. Grab yourself some of the following ingredients…

You can have a play with what you put into your homemade ‘ice cream’ (cream being the texture in this case, mmm smooth). Depending on how much you want to make and eat, what your taste buds and tummies like, and how many mouths you have to fill, I’d go more rather than less, to create a plentiful and peaceful environment! Left overs can be frozen in oven-safe glass containers (if there is such a thing as left overs in your house!) Have a go at putting the following into a blender…

  • Start by throwing a handful of activated cashews into a good blender, or the easiest way in my opinion is to use my favourite blender of all time, drum roll please… the Thermomix! Give them a good blitz first, ideally to pulverise them into nut butter on high (speed 10 with your ears covered!) then reduce to low (speed 4), scraping down the sides may be needed to blend all the bits at the bottom. Alternatively you could use 1-2 Tbsp of the nut butter, unless you like crunchy/bits. (Activate by pre soaking your cashews in a sprinkle of sea salt for 4-8hrs, drained and rinsed to get rid of those digestive blockers) Tips… I find it helpful to have the cashews handily pre-prepared and stored in the freezer in recycled glass jars. You may need to get them out of the freezer for about 5mins prior to blending them to make it easier on your blender blades. Otherwise, if you are good at pre-planning, soak your cashews first thing in the morning before work, or at lunchtime in a glass jar in the fridge if you want to have the ice-cream for the afternoon/evening treat. Frozen or freshly soaked, again just depends on your time available and how creamy you want it, and if you can wait for them to be thawed slightly!
  • Then add the following….
  • 2 bananas cut up into roughly a couple of centimetres (1 inch) pieces – fresh ones make the treat easier to get creamier faster. Frozen banana gives those who need it the extra frozen appeal, which does take longer with the blending and may not be as creamy for those who can’t wait!
  • approximately 1 cup of organic frozen mixed berries
  • half a cup of organic frozen sour cherries to add a bit of a goodness kick
  • 1tsp organic raw cacao powder
  • 1tsp organic raw carob powder
  • Blitz the whole lot up on high (speed 10 with your ears covered!) then reduce to low (speed 4), scraping down the sides may be needed to again, blend all the bits at the bottom. Just keep blending until it reaches your desired texture.
  • You can always sneak a tsp or whatever is recommended on the packet of some chlorella, beetroot powder, maca powder, acai powder or whatever supplement you fancy, it can all blitz in. You could even add a tiny dash of cayenne pepper or cinnamon if you are daring to spice it up a bit to add in a little warmth!

Most important step… is to enjoy it slowly… yum!

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