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Igniting The Fire Element

During the month of May… I have activated my fire element in many ways…

Star wars, grogu, Fire element passion

Passion… it had to of course start with ‘May the 4th Be With You’! my love of Star Wars! (This link is to my previous post, guiding you to feeling your inner lifeforce and growing your inner strength.) Having to indulge and watch Star wars that very evening 🙂

Love… Then there was the time I spent over the hot head torch using actual fire to make to make a magic mushroom! No… a glass mushroom that is magical to me!… I loved spending 1 hour of my time, putting my heart and soul into a bead I made for a custom order, getting the ideal shape & colour…

I remember seeing a tiny flare of yellow spark about 3/4 way through it, which after checking it over, appeared to be ok, ensuring I was heating the whole piece as I added the details so it wouldn’t crack. I then carefully put the finished piece into vermiculite to allow it to slowly cool. Then I decided to make some mushroom babies, taking around 15 minutes to birth each one.

Hurt... This came after I’d retrieved them out of the vermiculite 6 hours later when they were nicely cool. As I was carefully twisting them off the water soaked mandrel… crack… my magic mushroom turned into 3 pieces… Yay for the babies, they needed much love!

Those are some of the psychological aspects to the Fire Element and can be used to map out symptoms and hence form treatment plans within a Kinesiology Session taking into account all of the 5 elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

The organs that relate to the Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), consist of the Heart, Pericardium (muscle surrounding the heart/’heart protector’), Small Intestine and Triple Heater/San Jiao.

I find it fascinating how the TCM 5 Elements relate to each other and can help us to understand what is going on within ourselves in our face, body and psychological signs and symptoms. This month I wanted to use the Element of Fire to give a little introduction by means of my favourite way… a story…

The Dragon who lost his fire

The roaring sound of the boom… boom… boom came pounding to his ears.

He slowly tilted his head in an attempt to decipher the incredibly loud noise.

“No, it’s no good, I have no idea” he replied to himself.  “How I am to concentrate with this confounding booming in my head?”

He stood up, took a couple of heavy steps, and curled himself back around himself once more, breathing out an indignant huff as he laid his head down.

The furrows in his brow seemed to be digging a mighty hole into his 3rd eye, clouding his vision with each passing boom.

“How on earth am I going to figure this out?” he pondered gloomily.

“Well, not like that with your grumpy face!” came the reply.

He breathed out a heavy sigh through his nostrils as he scowled towards the sound, sinking deeper and deeper into his gloom.

“Come on, get up” came the voice.

“Leave me alone, can’t you see I am busy!”

“Ah-hum, it doesn’t look like it from here” retorted the same voice with a little snigger.

The Dragon turned it’s ginormous head away, muttering under his breath.

The seconds ticked away almost in time with the boom… boom… boom

“Oh for Dragon’s sake!” he huffed, “I need Morgan… MORGAN!! He bellowed”.

Tiny pawsteps came scurrying towards him from the other end of the building, and stopped abruptly in front of him.

“I need help” he told his tiny assistant.

“I need you to stop that incessant booming for me right now.  I can’t concentrate.”

His assistant looked up at him blankly.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked a little unkindly.

Still his assistant continued to stare up at him with a puzzled expression.

Gorgon couldn’t take much more of this.  His head was getting sore and the fog was getting heavier behind his eyes.

“Just make it stop!  PLEEAASSEEEE!”

Even though he wanted desperately to help his master, little Morgan couldn’t.  He tilted his head and looked with what he hoped was an encouraging expression, as he laid a tiny paw onto Gorgon’s talon.

Deep down the Dragon knew he was asking for the impossible, however Morgan remained by his side with his gentle presence.

“Still don’t know what it is then?” came the little voice once more.

Gorgon huffed out more irritation towards the direction of the sound but continued to ignore it.

“It’s your heart for Goodness sake!” offered the voice.

An exasperated look appeared in Gorgon’s eyes, rolling them as he looked for comfort towards Morgan, who responded with a reassuring smile.

“Don’t be ridiculous” he answered, “what’s my heart got to do with me losing my fire?”

“Everything” came the short reply.

He’d had enough, this ‘know it all‘ voice had crossed the line.  In one sweep of his head, he skilfully clamped his jaws down tightly around the ornate mirror, and pierced the surface with his stare.

“What are you going to do now Mr Almighty?” the mirror mocked very bravely whilst being at risk of being broken.

The growl that emanated deep from the Dragon’s chest indicated he wasn’t in the mood to be trifled with.

As the boom… boom… boom… bellowed in the background, Gorgon stared into the completely fogged up surface of the little mirror.

He stood completely still, staring as a strange red glow began to appear underneath the blurry surface… and then it seemed to pulse with the sound of each boom

The droplets of his breath were being highlighted on the glass by the red glow… and then it happened!

As he found himself sinking down into the sound and sight of the booming red glows, his body began to move.  Boom… he swayed to the left, Boom… he swayed to the right, Boom… he swayed forwards, Boom… then back.  It was like he was being pulled into some kind of rhythmic dance with each boom.  He swayed this way and that way, in small movements then larger ones, until he could feel his whole body vibrating and buzzing.

Little Morgan was being taken along for the ride also as he skilfully hung onto that talen.  It was like he was being rewarded just for being there with his supportive touch.  Even though he was unaware of how he was helping initially, he was now beginning to understand what was previously troubling Gorgon.

That ‘know it all’ mirror had been right all along.

As he swayed, Gorgon could feel the lightness blossoming inside, warming his chest.  It grew and grew the more he swayed to the rhythm of his heart. 

Fire Element, TCM, Kinesiology

His mood lightened, the dampness of his worrying was drying up and disappearing.

As he moved and relaxed into his own rhythm, his forehead smoothed out, unfogging and clearing his visions.

The joy of being in his own rhythm returned, warming his whole being. 

All he had to do was listen to himself all along, so he could see the guiding signs…

He gently put down the all-knowing mirror, then opened his mouth to express his joy…

His fire had returned!

Fire Element, TCM, Kinesiology

End credits…  Starring…

Earth Element… The inner dampness as vapour on the mirror from worrying about everything else.

Water Element… the voice of inner wisdom as the mirror, being ignored initially until he gained wisdom from having to face it!

Movement… just by moving, allowed Gorgon to change his state of mind, to shift stagnation and free him up to see the signs.

Universe signs… Morgan reflecting back his uncertainty, however still being there for him in his time of need when Gorgon was able to ask for help.

Acupressure… Morgan holding his acupoint to help him shift stagnation (blocked qi/energy) and connect to his heart and soul.

Fire Element… The continuing beating of his heart, when acknowledging his emotions and spending time with his heart and soul can release any hurt (the wood element made an appearance with his anger and frustration!) paving the way for true passion in life, joy, and love.

How do you ignite your fire?

Some other suggestions to help connect with your fire element and regain joy and love…

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Moving
  • Kinesiology session
  • Self connection – journaling, body awareness, naming & taming emotions
  • Colouring your life – art, clothing and accessory choices, environment
  • Relaxation journey – see my themed insightful relaxations
  • Essential oils – for example, rose (the Queen of Oils), “Joy”, Geranium.  Diffusing them, putting them onto a tissue and keeping handy to smell whenever needed, making up a perfume, body spray, massage oil
  • Bach flower essences – for example ‘Star of Bethlehem’ which I have heard being called “a hug in a bottle”
  • Warming foods from a TCM perspective to help fire up the digestive qi

All the best with finding your ways to igniting your fire element and enhancing your love, passion and purpose…

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