Kinesiology to nourish your heart with acupressure

Nourishing Yourself

Greetings! Firstly, I hope you didn’t find yourself the brunt of any April Fools this month?!  Although being a “fool” can be quite liberating and fun at times, as long as the humour is coming from a heart space of ‘do no harm’, and being kind to others of course.   It is indeed the best medicine to have a good old belly laugh, just have a gander at all the research into the benefits of laughing. 

Notice for yourself, how you feel after a whole-hearted laugh, or how others around you look when they are laughing. It’s wonderful how contagious laughter is, I’d be happy to catch that affliction any day! Another great remedy is the ability to laugh at yourself… I find myself having a good old chuckle at myself most days! Go on… release yourself from how you want to appear in the world, and embrace the freedom of just being yourself, you know you want to hee hee hee! 

Now you’ve allowed yourself a chuckle or two… How are you going in relation to staying grounded and comfortable within your body? I hope you are managing to find a moment or two to take some deep revitalising breaths wherever you are in all you are doing.  It may be challenging to stay centred at times depending on what’s happening in the world. However, it’s like anything, if you wish to improve your skills… good old practise, practise, practise!!  After all, practise makes… permanent.  It helps to turn you into your very own “master”, or just helps you to be more in the moment and enjoy what you are doing without having to think about how to do it.

This month I’ve recorded a video on one of my favourite topics…. nurturing your heart with acupressure.  Disclaimer: you may spontaneously burst into laughter at me, its OK, I want you to know that I am comfortable with that and I applaud you for it lol! Acupoints are no laughing matter usually though, they have been used for generations within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to enhance comfort within our bodies.  You may know them as acupuncture points where fine needles are applied to the points, or moxibustion where heat is applied to points, or cupping where areas are suctioned.  (You would know these people who have had the cupping if you’ve seen them, due to the massive red circles peeking out at their shoulders and back!) In my opinion, overall, however you use acupoints, the aim is to bring awareness and energy to a certain point. In turn this may help with shifting stagnation, things that are stuck and going nowhere, into getting things moving and flowing nicely.

Acupoints have been documented to be located all over our bodies, along various pathways, called Meridians, almost like an energy road map.  I have this image in my head from a birds eye view at night-time, of a network of roads all lit up, showing different pathways.  Scientists have now been able to identify and map acupoints and meridians, after being used for centuries without being able to see them by TCM practitioners.  A recent study (1) is calling the physical aspects of acupoints the Primo Vascular System.

Tip… Have a go at tuning into your body, notice what you feel in your arms, legs, head, torso, really start to get to know your body and its sensations, get to know yourself. When we get to know ourselves, we can tune into what feels right for us and what doesn’t. Have a go at listening to how your body responds to different objects, places, people, it can be quite interesting!  Notice if you are able to actual feel the meridians, it can be quite fun listening to sensations!

  • Ever heard of gut instincts?
  • Tingling sensations?
  • Butterflies in the tummy?
  • Kicked in the guts?
  • A few examples of mind body connection feelings. Trust your feelings… (I have to throw a bit of Star Wars in, thank you Yoda lol!!)
  • Have a go with listening to what feels right, all those positive feelings, what feels warming, what fills you up. Tune up your engine, learn to trust your inner guidance system, your gut instinct, your feelings, they may surprise you how good they are!!

So here is to all of us having stronger energy, it is time to strengthen our heart energy… Practise, Practise, Practise!

So for now… start with your loving heart, tune into your heart organ and have a go at listening to it while you learn how to hold its very own acupoint. Take a seat, relax and I hope you enjoy the movie!…

I hope you found that interesting and fun. Continuing with the theme of nourishing our hearts and building inner strength, I would like to share a treat. My lovely friend Linda Summer has published a children’s book called ‘Zazoo Zazoo’. Although I believe it is for all ages, young and young at heart! I found it a joy to read, and very heart warming with a beautiful take home message, I won’t spoil the surprise! It is downloadable from Smashwords: Just click on the image or use this link… Happy reading!

Until next time, Enjoy Nourishing Your Heart!

nourish your heart with fun and acupressure


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