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Are you a fan of Star Wars™? Have you watched Star Wars™? Or heard the name The Mandalorian™ being spoken of? May be, may be not, it doesn’t really matter. I am a bit of a Geek when it comes to Star Wars™. I have always loved it. I remember as a child sitting around the dining room table playing the Star Wars™ game with my family. I used to imagine I was a Jedi, as I found myself staring intently at an object, willing it to move! I sometimes still do! I loved it when on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ they announced May the 4th is Star Wars Day!

Nowadays, being slightly more mature… I love the way the Jedi are connected to nature, enabling them to harness the force towards keeping peace and helping others. Yes I know it is a sci fi story, and to my defence, imagination has been shown to be a very powerful learning tool. Research has found it to be very effective for relaxation and meditation, to enhance a sense of peace within. This is why I love creating my themed guided relaxations to help welcome a sense of calm, comfort, and mindfulness into everyday living.

As a celebration of May the 4th, I have created a little relaxation to assist you find your inner lifeforce glow to feel warm, nourished and relaxed, yay! Listen to a sample here…

In a way, every day when we do some form of relaxation, it is like we are tapping into our own force, our own life force.  When we calm our minds, centre ourselves and deep breathe, on a physiological basis, we are activating our Vagus Nerve.  There is a great deal of research now exploring this magical nerve.

The Vagus Nerve is defined in the dictionary as…

“either one of the tenth pair of cranial nerves, consisting of motor fibers that innervate the muscles of the pharynx, larynx, heart, and thoracic and abdominal viscera, and of sensory fibers that conduct impulses from these structures to the brain”.

In other words… this is how I imagine Yoda may define it;

“Mmmm… pathway from mind to our gut this is… clear your mind, clear your gut, all linked it is.  Be mindful of your breath… expand your chest, you do.  Breathe out longer than in… leads to calm, pathway to control your feelings…”

Can you feel his wisdom?

More importantly… do you feel your gut instinct activating?

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Tip… Can you feel yourself gently calming, with slow, long out breaths, as you expand and slowly contract your chest? Have a go at breathing in, holding your breath briefly, and then breathing out for twice as long as your in breath. Notice if you are able to calm further and further down with each breath?

When we align our head ontop of our neck, shoulder, spine, chest, hips, knees, feet, it can be like we are aligning with our own inner life force.

Have you ever noticed when you…
Have calmed and stilled your mind
Have aligned your body and relaxed your muscles
Are sitting comfortably as yourself having grounded yourself…
You may feel like you are part of something big?  Something bigger than yourself? 

The Universe is unfathomable to its size and possibilities.  When you are still and mastering your sensations, you are more able to open yourself to opportunities of seeing the more vibrant and attractive colours of nature. In effect tuning into the lifeforce of nature.

The clouds in the sky take on forms of angel wings, dogs, birds, superheroes, anything is possible when you relax and calm your mind and body. Like when you see an ink blot, and it has its own shape according to your very own perspective, your uniqueness.

It can be wonderful when you are able to feel the gentle pulsation of your heart inside your body.  To be able to feel the flow of your own body magically connecting itself to each part of yourself.  In effect – being in your own rhythm of what is around you.  

I often refer to our bodies as magical.  Whether you believe in magic or not, I think we can all agree how amazing our bodies are.  How they are able to heal, move us around, see, hear, taste, smell and feel.  All we have to do is feed and water them and look after them, we are completely natural.

The more I learn about our bodies the more magical they seem.

I see the microbiome in our gut that helps cleanse and process our food, to be a little like the Midichlorians of the Jedi that helps them to connect to the force.  Kind of like, out of this world microscopic little helpers to enhance our wellbeing and connect us to nature and the life force. 

So wouldn’t it be… the more aligned, calm and centred we are, the more likely we are to be able to feel the life force moving through our veins?  This is ideal to what we are aiming for in health… to keep our veins, arteries, lymphatic system, urinary flow, sexual fluid, tears, saliva, ear wax, etc etc, all moist and moving.  Aiming to clean and remove the dark side waste out of our systems and let the light in and flow around our clean insides, optimising our immunity.

detox, cleanse your system, clean living

What my take on being mindful is…

…being present within our life force, within our own energies.

…being able to feel the life force of nature around us.

…being able to stay centred and aligned and maintain our own energy for ourselves. 

…being at one with, listening to and appreciating our amazing bodies.

…be able to notice our own lifeforce flowing. 

…Ensuring our muscles are relaxed in their place, without any tension

When we can truly master this, we can more easily power up our immune system and enhance our natural selves.  Whereby reducing space for any foreign invaders, and if any do invade our bodies, our whole system is powered up and fully charged to conquer the foes. 

So, feel your inner strength grow and expand within your lifeforce fellow health seekers, and enjoy finding your calm and enhancing your powerful systems!

May the 4th Be with you, star wars lover, calming Kinesiology for wellness
May the 4th Be With You!


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