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Be a Peaceful Warrior, Not a worrier!

The Rise of the Peaceful Warrior

As I sit amongst the powerful delicious smell of the Northern Lights Black Spruce quietly diffusing in the background feeling like its giving me a power boost… I ask myself… what’s the point of worrying? 

I often find myself quoting Newt Scamander’s take on worrying (from the film Fantastic Beasts and where to find them)

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”

Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, by J K Rowling

This sums it up nicely, after all… who would really want to conjure up negative-tinted glasses from the “Dark Side” to slip on and drag us through some nasty imagined worse case scenario that may not even happen?  Not me!

Do you really want to spend all your time and energy focusing, practicing and preparing for something that you do not wish to happen?  If you believe in the law of attraction or not, another saying comes to mind…

“Be careful what you wish for!”

unknown author

I know I wouldn’t want to make a negative fear focused wish like that to a Genie!!  Consciously, why would anyone want to wish for a negative event?

Another movie springs to mind with the amazing Will Smith in “After Earth”, where he explains to his son…

“Fear is not real.  The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future.  It is a product of our imagination causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist.  That is near insanity Katar, do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.  We are all telling ourselves a story”

Cypher Raige – Will Smith’s character from the movie After Earth (2013)

What story to you tell yourself?

Are you able to stay calm and remain seated firmly in your own body?  Or do you find yourself repeatedly sabotaging and taking yourself down into the wilderness of fearful creations?

Fear can disable and disconnect us from our body & soul, finding a nice little hidden oasis in our head, where it settles in, makes a home for itself, dwells and magnifies itself.  When we let it, our worrying can run wild and fuel the flame of fear, resulting in the tiring crippling adrenaline survival response of fight/flight/freeze.  Certainly not something to optimise a sense of peace and calm to become our own Peaceful Powerful Warrior!

Are you able to seek and destroy any unwanted thoughts creeping their way in, bringing negative visions, worry or fear?  Or do they gang up and overwhelm you when you are least expecting them?

Wherever you are at… its always handy to have a few powerful allies, a few friendly techniques you can conjure up and help you to stay grounded and feeling powerful.  Being able to grow your sense of calm, your light, your inner glow, helps reduce the room for worry and fear. 

We all need help sometimes, someone to talk to, to help unpack and process why these troubling thoughts are here in the first place.  Good ol’ Holistic Kinesiologists are a valuable resource, skilled at helping us do just that.  My online treatment sessions have proven very effective for promoting feelings of peace, self-certainty, self-confidence, and allowing the precious ability to self soothe.

Holistic Kinesiology virtual hug, help to self soothe, calm, centre, self power

So, maybe next time you find yourself worrying or fearing about a future event… when troublesome spiralling thoughts bombard your head and throw you out of your body, falling into a haze of spinning confusion…

  • STOP!  Hold onto your hand-rail, or love handles (sorry couldn’t resist that one!!)
  • Look DOWN at your body to help notice all your real sensations…
  • Check yourself over physically…
  • Notice what is happening within your body as a result of all those worrying thoughts
  • Any tingles, heaviness, lightness, girgling, rumbling, warmth, cold, butterflies, etc…

Focus your awareness back into the present where you actually are

  • Take a deep slow breath to ground yourself back into your physical body (or you could always do what Katar does, and “take a knee”, kneel on the ground to literally ground yourself)

Allow all your senses to ground yourself further in the present…

  • (What do you feel, see, hear, smell, taste?)
  • Notice what you feel around your body, clothes, ground, air…
  • How your insides feels, your skin, your chest, pelvis, tingly, light, heavy, etc…
  • Relax your eyes, allowing them to see the whole picture of your surroundings…
  • Open your ears to the sounds around that you hear…
  • What does your nose smell?..
  • Are there any tastes on your tongue in the air?…

Be fully present in reality, focus on what is literally happening right now.

Step into becoming your own PEACEFUL WARRIOR…

  • What comes to mind when you imagine a Peaceful Warrior?
  • What qualities do you imagine that they have?
  • How do they appear?
  • How would they…
    • stand?
    • hold themselves?
    • think?
    • see?
    • act, behave?
    • Interact with others?
    • Plan their day?
    • Make decisions?
  • How would it be to be a peaceful warrior yourself?
    • Can you imagine yourself with all those qualities, appearing as they would, acting as they would, feeling as they would?
    • Imagine yourself breathing it all into your own body, filling yourself up with your whole self
    • Feeling your own gentle strength  
    • Finding the comfort in your own skin
    • Being in your own flow, trusting your inner wisdom
    • Embracing your abilities to make sound decisions calmly to what is right for you
    • Allowing yourself to listen to your gut instincts and your heart
    • Knowing when to say no if something does not feel right with you and the courage to say yes to experience new things.
    • Building your courage to be yourself, your own peaceful warrior

Here are a few suggestions to play with and wake up all your senses towards embodying yourself as a grounded peaceful warrior…

  • Being amongst nature whenever possible, be it a stroll in the forest, or touching soil and the earth with bare skin.
  • Gardening
  • Enriching your life with whole highest vibration Essential Oils, especially the woodsy scents of Cedarwood, Cypress, Pine, Balsam Fir, feels like you are transporting yourself to a restoring physical stroll through a forest. There are also deeply grounding blends like Sacred Mountain, Humility, etc, etc, the names speak for themselves!)
  • Enjoying a relaxing bath with soothing additions depending of what suits your skin (I use Young Living essential oils, or Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts, or a mixture of both, depending on my need – to relax, uplift, restore, soothe, etc, etc)
  • Gaze at nature and positive sights with relaxed eyes as if they are being cared for in nourishing pools of life elixir.
  • Being open to seeing new things.
  • Feasting on wholefoods to reawaken the taste buds.
  • Creating what you love, making things, using your imagination to explore the corners of your creative mind, to recycle, nourish the earth.
  • The world is your oyster explore it with childlike wonder to learn new things. Look after mother Earth and mother yourself with natural Earth given treasures, the way to a lasting clean clear future.

The magic to becoming a Peaceful Warrior is Accepting.  Accepting who you are, where you are, your choices, your likes and dislikes, your quirks.  Feeling what is right for you, having the strength to stand up for yourself within your heart and truth.  Knowing as long as you do your best wherever you are, that that is indeed the BEST YOU CAN BE. Knowing yourself, your very life is the greatest gift of all… The PRESENT

NEWSFLASH: All pictures are copyright to Mandy Wheen. The Peaceful Warrior image is a taste of my new empowering homemade Italian glass beads arriving shortly, lovingly created by Mandy Wheen – The Creative Kinesiologist! Sign up to receive my newsletters to find out when these unique jewellery babies will be birthed into the world and available for you to adopt and gift the love to others! Contact me now if you have any questions, want to bagsy a commissioned bead, or if you just want to share your excitement with me about this!!

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