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It’s Present Time!

Being a Brit and living in Australia, I still have certain needs even though I have been here for a few years now.  When the cold months finally arrive, the thermals come out, the need for cosy raises its head, and it feels like the magical festive season has arrived!  I can’t help it!!  I just have to have my Christmas in July!!!

So as I sit with the magical wafts of Young Living Essential Oil blend Christmas Spirit diffusing up my nose spell binding my limbic system, I write this month’s wellness time… the magic of presents! 

I am not sure what springs to your mind when I say the word… “presents”?  Maybe little mysterious surprises in oddly shaped packages in newspaper, or delicately wrapped perfectly square boxes with the criss-crossing of a ribbon and bow, or something completely different?  [Here is a little selection of my mid winter Christmas glass bead baby creations that I have lovingly handcrafted out of the fire, I will have them up here for sale soon I promise!…]

For me, it’s a mixture.  I have grown up absolutely loving the magic of presents!  It brings a warm glow to my heart when I remember the magic of Christmas morning with my stocking filled with little gifts of delicious mandarins that spray their aroma into the room as their skin is peeled, the crinkle of the golden foil during the revealing of the chocolate coins, the pencils and colouring books, etc.  I consider myself very fortunate to have experienced this sharing and caring upbringing, to be part of a loving family gathering together.

So… as a celebration to share these warm feelings, may I present my first present to you…


Optimus True Being, Mandy Wheen Kinesiology and Integrated Therapy

Whilst on the healthy version of the WWW I had a few gifts given to me.  I had a 2 for 1 deal at the start.  My doggy and I were on our Wonderous Waterfront Walk 😉 (present 1).  I was in my own little world, watching his little ears bouncing up and down, looking out to the glistening water, and then it came “I am here in this present” (present 2).

I was smiling as I observed my “middle aged” (some would call him “old”) dog trotting and running around like a pup (present 2).  Perceiving this as a gift because of the treatment I had been giving him for a sore leg and limp for a little while.  My memory recalled images of him when we “rescued” him as a pup (more like he rescued us!).  Recalling his growing up process with me using Kinesiology and intuition on him as a regular practise.  Appreciating him being my ideal “Therapied” dog.  Images flicking across my vision of him standing and sitting patiently for his massage or acupressure treatment; of him raising his head to allow me to drop Bach, Bush, or Desert Alchemy Flower Essences into his mouth; of playing catch with, or him gently taking the Dr Schuessler Tissue Salts from my hand to munch and absorb through his mucous membranes; of him giving me the eye as I lather him in specific selected Young Living Essential Oils to enhance his body and emotions; and of course, seeing his grateful drooling when he is about to eat his raw “real food” meal. 

“I am here in this present”

Saying this, brought me back from the past to the present moment to experience shared humour.  We were both enjoying gently splashing through puddles on the path like the big kid/puppy we are, creating ripples through the mirrored surface, after the abundance of rain we have been having recently (thanks, that’s probably enough rain for a while ;-)).  This allowed me to see the childlike wonder in a mature lady’s eyes as they lit up when we conversed and I suggested that “it was OK” to splash through puddles herself even when others were around to see her! (present 3), as we parted with laughter in our eyes..

“I am here in this present” 

Bringing me back again to my centre in time to appreciate the nourishing moment of Present 4… the enriching smells of sea salt, pine trees, bathing my eyes in the green expanse around me, soaking up the sparkles of the sunlight on the water as it peeked out from behind grey and white mottled sky.  My ears then processed the sounds of the waves caressing the shoreline as the pelicans called whilst flying by like jumbos in the air. 

I was fully immersed in the THE ACTUAL PRESENT with all my senses.  Not looking back to the past… “that reminds me when I did…”  And also not creating an alternate reality by imagining hopping into and gliding along the glass surface of the water in a kayak.  I was committed to and appreciating the present for what it was in that moment.

“I am here in this present”

Nearing the end of my walk, I felt and listened to the need to do some Tae Chi to release my lower back which I noticed was holding a bit of tension.  I was like a drum releasing side to side, my dog was being his playful self, I was admiring the moody sky reflecting in the water, I felt the joyous freedom opening up my spine and muscles, as I regained the ability to move more freely (present 5). 

At that moment, I felt free and my true self regardless of passers by.  It was as if my light was glowing brightly.  And what happens to bright lights?  They attract moths lol!  Well, maybe I was more like a glow worm then… or just being centred in my own shining light laying the foundation to attract the right people… of which I did. 
A lovely lady came up to me, and a wholesome conversation later, looked me directly in my eye & soul, and thanked me.  She simply thanked me for being who I was, living honestly, and being the best person I could be, enabling me to be a true Therapist (present 6).  Wow.  Of course, at once, my hand went to my heart, I felt the gift of heart felt words, and returned the thanks to her, after all, it takes one to know one.  What a cherished moment.

I’d love for you to experience sharing the joy of being ready for, open to, and keeping a look out for heart felt presents coming your way today…

present time, kinesiology

As I said earlier… it is mid winter Christmas, so… more presents!

Before you receive your gift…

It’s Playtime!

I would like to draw your attention to this present… 

present, kinesiology, centering

Have a play with the following…

Grab a pen or pencil and paper to note down what you see

How do you usually see life?

Are you comfortable being yourself, or… do you tend to compare yourself with others?

Are you able to see the goodness in everything and everyone or… do you tend to look for and see the bad stuff?

Are you able to envisage a positive outcome, or… do you tend to expect things to go wrong?

Does your perception, expectations and responses to everyday life limit you and how?

What triggers your survival response, pushes your button and really winds you up?

What is your survival response?  That is, how do you react to things you are not comfortable with?  
For instance; do you lash out at someone/something or push them away?; do you withdraw/crumble/hide away?; do you freeze, go brain-dead/blank?; do you get frustrated/angry/annoyed?; do you cry/feel sad/down?; do you laugh/giggle?; do you ignore/distract yourself/pretend its not happening?; do you get jealous/envious?; do you feel guilty?; do you rationalise/turn things around so it’s not your fault?  Do you feel unsafe or want to run away?

Whatever your response, this is your response, it is OK to acknowledge this.  It can be very empowering to write this down, acknowledge, identify and realise what happens to you. 

It is up to you if you keep your notes as a record, or if you chose to destroy them, do so with a safe burning, wetting or shredding process. As long as you’ve acknowledged it to yourself, that is when you are giving yourself your true power. 

What we allow ourselves to truly see can depend on our experiences, upbringing, nature vs nurture, and all that.

So here is your 2nd gift…

cross, mind body connection

Huh?  You may ask.

The cross has had many meanings over time.  I like to view it as a point of focus for spiritual purpose, like being on a crusade to find oneself, to live like a peaceful warrior, being true to ourselves and others.

knight architype, mind body connection, spiritual journey

Have a go at imagining that cross is inside of you, check out where the centre is? Do you image or sense it at your heart or somewhere else?

“I am here in this present”

Gently does it, have a go at allowing it to expand you vertically and horizontally. How does your mind and body respond to it?

Do you sense it in your centre or is it a little off to one side, top or bottom?  Just notice and spend time with it.

I find this is a great way of centring.  A great way to check in and see where we are at, to bring us back to the present moment to ourselves.

On this note… here is your 3rd present which may date way back even before the cross…

ankh, meaning life, mind body connection

Ankh = meaning life in Egyptian hieroglyphs.





The ability to realise that we are our own present!

Have a go with imagining the Ankh inside of you filling up your nourishing space and expanding you.

And last but not least…

My physical offering presenting itself to you…

20% off Mr Darcy!!! 

So as I present him to you, please accept this code (WellHelloDarcy!) for 20% off this Gentile insightful relaxation. His introduction to society will be at this special discounted gift rate throughout the period of August.  I hope you share your thoughts on him with me if you dare! Your suggestions may make an appearance and lead to a sequel!

Let’s celebrate life together! 

And as an authors note to herself… my present to myself this month is not leaving my wellness sharing newsletter to the last minute, up to midnight on the end of the month!!  Thank you goes to me and my commitment to myself! I also wish you joy in all of your healthy commitments to yourself x

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