breathe a waterfall down your spine with Mandy Wheen Kinesiologist

Calming Waterfall Down your Spine visualisation

A fun way to invite a sense of calm into yourself. By using your powerful imagination, you can use the element of water to encourage the essential flow of important bodily fluids (cerebral spinal fluids, blood, lymph, cellular fluids etc) into where it needs to be, and also become aware of anywhere the flow maybe restricted. When you discover any areas of tension in your body, you are more able to release that tension, and allow the return of flow once more… Where awareness goes energy flows… It is essential to live life as free of tension as much as possible… I love and specialise in assisting as many people to do this within my role as an Integrated Therapist, Holistic Kinesiologist, with my background in Occupational Therapy.. Contact me now to begin, or continue on your journey of reducing tension to be in the flow of your life…

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