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LOOK Down – see what truly matters

“LOOK DOWN!” he pleaded.

“OK, OK, I got this, give me a chance” came the exasperated reply.

It’s Storytime…

Once upon a time there lived a carpenter in a far away land.

He toiled away from dawn to dusk creating, mending and fixing.

One day, he found himself in mid strike.  His axe was raised in an arc high above his head, his muscles taut and poised ready to strike the wood, when suddenly…


The axe dropped like a lead balloon out of his shocked hand as he grasped toward his side and squealed in agony.

He bent over as he held his breath momentarily, then began to pant and sweat.  His other hand steadied him against the ancient tree in an attempt to stave off the stabbing pain.

His eyes darted around in a startled silent attempt to seek help.

There was no-one around.

His fingers were stretched wide apart on the bark of the tree.  

He was completely distracted and engulfed in a fog of pain, his thoughts scattered far and wide.

Little by little… unbeknownst to him, his fingers began to softly sink into the tree’s surface.

They continued to sink as if some force was slowly pulling them inwards.

When he finally regained some control of his breathing, and was about to change position, he found he could not.  He was stuck firmly into the tree! 

His ability to breathe all forgotten as his eyes shifted sideways to see his hand, or rather not see his hand at all.  All he could see was his wrist, like someone had replaced his hand with a rather large tree trunk.

“What the Dickens?!” came his random verbal thought.  He gasped with an intense pang of discomfort as he toiled between grasping his side, and twisting in a futile attempt to free his disappearing hand.

He slumped in defeat, overwhelmed by his crazy situation.  This did nothing for his pain either.

The forest was silent and paused as if listening for another outburst.

“Well hello there” came a small gentlemanly voice with a distinctive Kiwi accent.  “You look like you’ve gotten yourself into a wee bit of a pickle” it observed.

The carpenter’s head turned incredulously towards the voice seeming to appear out of nowhere.

Just above his head on one of the branches he noticed a tiny bird.  His head held high and his chest feathers sticking out in an orb of fluffy blur all around him.  This made him look both cute and mysteriously knowing at the same time.

Shaking his head, the carpenter thought he must have somehow dropped the axe on his head without realising it.

He managed to briefly support himself as his free hand tentatively danced over his scalp scouting for anomalies.  He thankfully found no lumps or bumps which reassured him, but didn’t provide any clarification with the matter at hand… a talking bird and a stuck tree trunk hand. 

He quickly returned his free hand to his side to reapply pressure.

“I say” continued the bird, unperturbed by the stranger’s blatant ignoring of him.

His feathers appeared to fluff out of his chest even further if that was indeed possible, as he gave an indignant wobble of his chest.  He was still ignored even with this.

“OY!!”  He whistled, scattering a flock of pheasants squawking at them from a patch of nearby forest.

“Oh for Heaven’s sake, just leave me alone” came the defeated response.

“I will NOT” he spoke squeaking the last word out, pushing it towards it’s recipient.

“You are in need of assistance Sir, and I intend to give it to you, whether you like it or NOT!”

The carpenter rolled his eyes, then took in a disbelieving deep breath.

“You are welcome” continued the bird.

“For what?” puzzled the man.

“Do you not already feel better?” the fluffy bird cheekily enquired, wobbling his chest again.

With that response, the carpenter’s eyebrows raised a question towards himself.  He had to admit it, he was indeed feeling a little calmer, and his pain had ever so slightly reduced, although it was still distracting him.

“May I draw your attention to your body there?” he raised his tiny stick foot into the air gracefully and pointed to the carpenter’s side that he was cradling tightly.

“Why don’t you use your wing to point with, wouldn’t that be easier?”.  He froze for a moment as he pondered why this was what he was focusing on.

The bird slowly blinked at him in disbelief.  With wide eyes he simply said “I am choosing to spend my precious time assisting YOU Sir, and all you can do is question how I do things?”.

This brought a little of the carpenter’s focus back, muttering something along the lines of “…only asking you a question… bit sensitive… didn’t ask… really talking to me?” or something or other.

Ignoring these barely audible ramblings, he continued with what he felt was needed.  “Sir, may I suggest you look down”.

The carpenter stared towards the little creature, and felt like his own non-existent feathers were now being ruffled.  Fancy being ordered around to pay attention to my body by someone else, he grumbled.  Why would he do that when all he wanted to do was bubble with frustration and scream to get someone else to take away his pain and stuck-ness for him?

He in-avertedly turned his head and eyes downwards wondering what on earth he was supposed to be looking at.

“That’s it” the bird encouraged, watching and invisibly supporting the man.

“Um, that’s what?” he said, wondering why this pompous tiny but cute fluffy bird was getting him to look down at his body.  The last thing he wanted to do was pay attention to his pain. 

“Flippin Eck!  THIS is crazy, it hurts more when I pay attention to it”.  He turned his head away averting his eyes from his painful body, as if by ignoring it, the pain would disappear.

At that moment, the great tree’s branch gracefully reached out and wrapped itself over the desperate man’s forehead like it was cradling him.

He initially struggled against it, not wanting to be trapped even more. Then after a moment, he realised it was reassuring him with the touch.

“You can do it” the little voice continued unperturbed.  “Take a slow deep breath in, like you’re opening up your bellows to stoke your fire, filling them up with air, nice and deep.”

“That’s it”, he continued, observing the outward movement of his subject’s lower ribs.

“Now, blow out slowly and firmly through small lips.  That’s it, squeeeeze your mouth as if you’re blowing up a balloon for me as a gift for helping you”.  He wiggled as he entertained himself with his little quip.

He went on encouraged by the absence of any smart comments.  “I want you to imagine you are breathing in the tree.”

“Huh?” The man’s head snapped up towards the bird with a sceptical snarl on his lip, wincing with a jolt of pain as he did so. His vision being momentarily obscured by the leaves on the branch, making him look like a crazy tree fairy.

There it was, the bird thought, holding firm as he waited for more smart comments. He puffed out his tiny chest as he refuelled himself with knowing reassurance and confidence. 

“Do you wish to help yourself and get out of this pickle?” he bossed.

“Yes” he said slowly through clenched teeth and a scowl around his somewhat obscured eyes.

The little bird shook himself, fluffed out his feathers once more and gazed down at the man.

“Then… LOOK DOWN” He pleaded.

“OK, OK, I got this, give me a chance” came the exasperated reply. 

He looked down. 

“What am I meant to be looking at?”

“Your whole body, bring your vision back and just observe your whole physical being.  Can you appreciate what you are looking at Sir?”

“My body?”

“Yis” he tweeted.

“That’s it, you’re doing it.  Let yourself see yourself as you truly are, your arms, yours leeggs, your belly”…

“There’s nothing wrong with my belly!”  the man defended.

“Of course not Sir, you are magnificent.  All of your bits attached are working as one unified human togetherness.  Breathe it in, sink into your majestic body, notice what really matters.”

Even though the Carpenter had negative thoughts of whether this little bird was taking the Mickey, he went along with it. 

He ignored the defensive pattern that someone would try and hurt him by plummeting him into horrific pain, which he thought needed to be ignored, and he decided to give it a go. 

He was curious about this process, amongst all his discomfort, he had to admit it was having a positive affect on him, one he had never experienced before without taking anything.

“Imagine you are breathing in the tree’s strength, and direct that sense towards the soreness in your side.  Let it fill up that area, really notice it, just let it be what it is right now, be with what matters… yourself.”

“And now for the good bit…” he gleamed.

“… Slowly breathe out your rubbish through your pursed lips, letting it all go, every last bit of it.”

The carpenter couldn’t help notice the ‘bit’ sounded like he was saying ‘butt’, but thought he’d keep that to himself.  

They continued to do this for a little while and the concentration it took meant the little bird needed to raise his little foot once again.

This time, when the man noticed the movement out of the corner of his eye, he gave no retort.  When he gazed towards the direction of the foot, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  He could now see his whole hand reappearing.

“By Jove!” he exclaimed, “it worked!”.

“Of course it did” stated the mighty self soothing small bird.

The carpenter carefully moved both of his hands, freeing them from their static positions and tentatively shook them out.  He began to slowly place one foot out in front of the other, being careful in his movements to ensure his relaxed relief continued, giving himself time to rest and recover. 

The small bird chuckled.  “You look like a chicken bro!”.

He looked up at the bird, then carefully back down at his whole body and movements once more.  He then roared with laughter himself, hearing the tinkling chuckle from the bird in the background of his own roaring freeing laugh.

“Thank you bird.  I am so grateful for your assistance here, and that you managed to stay with me even when I wasn’t overly pleasant to you.  I would have been stuck in agony for days if it wasn’t for your assistance.  I owe you.”

“You owe me nothing” came the reply.

The tree, the bird and the man all looked at each other and smiled.  They then appeared to glow with a shimmer inside and out with their new found friendship and connection with one another.  They instinctively knew that each one helped the other, and were always there for one another whenever the need arose.

The bird flew off following his internal compass to guide him to his next adventure, and offer assistance wherever needed.

The tree continued to ooze majestic calming healing energies.

The man remembered always to take a moment daily to carefully “look down”.  He saw, noticed, admired and appreciated his matter, the magic of his whole existence. 

His body’s movements helped him to stay connected and relaxed in his human form. 

He placed his hand on his forehead whenever he needed help to calm his emotions. His mind and body worked together, joined and connected as one forever.

And they all lived happily ever after 😉

What did you receive?

I hope you enjoyed my fun enlightening story, as much as I enjoyed creating it.  I’d love to know what you gained from it.

Did you relate to a character?

Or found yourself affected by either of them?

Or maybe wish to be like one of the 3 characters?

Have you used, or will you aim to use any of the techniques in the story to help calm and move through discomfort?

I invite you

I invite you to notice whatever you need to and be with yourself.  I invite you to take a moment to carefully and gently “look down” at your greatness during the day (when safe to do so, and holding on if needs be 😉!).  I invite you to truly see the immenseness of your whole special human being, how you move, appear and feel, just the way you are, and who you are meant to be.  Know your matter matters!

I am here

I am here to gently assist you to free yourself from being stuck one way or another in niggling discomfort. I provide a safe space for you and your family to make friends with yourselves. Together we can find ways to understand how to move through and wave goodbye to things that just won’t shift. We can do this online or in person.

How I can help

I can gently help you and your family to calm and self soothe yourselves when necessary out in the big wild world. We can also see what’s behind troublesome thoughts or sensations within informative enlightening sessions. You can find me with an email, call or text to take the first step towards understanding and believing that you and your family’s matter matters…

Look after your magical self, and I wish you well with maintaining freedom of movement and avoid getting stuck 😉

Optimus True Being, Mandy Wheen Kinesiology and Integrated Therapy

Mandy xo

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