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The Fun-Filled Bucket

It’s Halloween night, I’m sat at my desk, well, my dining table trying desperately to focus on what to write for this month’s newsletter. Blank.

So… I acknowledge my lack of inspiration, let it go, Trust, go with the flow, maybe I won’t write one this month, maybe I’ll give myself the month off writing one. Who knows. It’s OK. I am obviously not meant to write one this month, my inner knowing, my intuition that usually guides me to what to write about has gone to sleep… zzz… hello?

May be I’ll do a relaxation, may be it is finally time to get my bead babies up on my website to sell… or may be not…

hand crafted glass bead baby

And then it all unfolds…

Every year this day results in a little wobble of my head in uncertainty…

Do I?

Don’t I?

I don’t. 

I then hear little voices giggling in glee.  I tear myself away from my work, stroll the couple of steps to my window and my face lights up in a joyful smile as I see the cutest kiddies all dressed up carrying little containers.  Plastic containers.  Hmmm the smile rescinds a smitch…

As I am about to turn away, I observe a tiny witch raise her arm and point in my direction!  With a firm exclamation “over there”,  a trio of fellow characters head towards my house!  I watch as their little legs speed towards my door… then they stop in the garden, having obviously reached what was beckoning them.  I then watch as they each gaze into it and I hear 3 little “aww’s” and watch as they slowly walk away a little slumped. 

This produced a few emotions.  Firstly a confused observation.  Then along came a playful chuckle when I realise what has occured.  The attractive bright green bucket that gained a great deal of attention, was in fact a dirty strategically placed rain water collector with which (not witch) to water the plants with!  Poor things, they did look disappointed. 

Which (again, not witch ;-)) then spun me into my next emotion…  concern with a small side of guilt.  After observing a similar response happening to ghoul, a fairy and a black clothed little boy, I felt sorry for those little cuties and their excitement being quashed.

I threw my Natural Earth environmental clean up, health promoting morals out of the window, and I focused on my playful, creative side again.  I donned my imaginative play seeking glasses and observed the Halloweeners to be on a treasure hunt.  They were seeking treasure filled buckets randomly laid out around the neighbourhood.  Was it just about the treasure?  The sweets and chocolates to fill their rounded bellies? 


I perceived the whole event to produce a fun filled evening having made a huge effort on their costumes getting dressed up into characters; playing with their friends and family; being out in the fresh air; exploration of the neighbourhood leading to detective skills to find the treasure; building large muscle groups by walking, running and lifting heavy plastic (it needs to be said, however I have made an effort to fade that word into the background haven’t I?!) containers of goodies; and also developing social skills playing and communicating the treasure whereabouts to others they wish to help; and sharing the hoard.

I immediately sprang into action… I grabbed a permanent marker and cloth, threw on my shoes and ran down the front steps.  As I ran past it, I hooked up the offensive bucket, took the bucket to water, which it did drink 😉 swished the water around it and cleaned it up the best I could.  Once dried, I began animating it with a big pair of googly eyes looking up to the entrance of the now fairly attractive bucket, a big black nose and a big smile with a stash of curly hair.  Not my best work, but the best I could do looking upside-down at it in a hurry!  Don’t ask me why I didn’t walk around the bucket and decorate it face on, I was rushing to get ready for the next batch of seekers.

I emptied the stash of sweets (conveniently collected from equipment suppliers, thank you) into a food tub, which I then placed into the now characterised bucket at the end of the drive.  I ran back upstairs and waited… and waited… hmmm.  There’s no more I thought, that was all for nothing.  Ho hum, oh well, I reapplied my imaginative play seeking glasses and reflected that I had enjoyed myself drawing, animating and creating offerings out of nothing, and it looked fun, so I decided to let that wasting time thought go (when I really should have been working).  And then I saw it…

A dressed up little adventurer walked past the end of my street with his Dad following on a bicycle.  I saw his Dad’s head turn and spot the little lonesome bucket…  yippee, we had caught a little fishy on the invisible line… He ran up the slope followed by his Dad with a joyful expression, and proceeded to gaze into the bucket.  This time there was no change to express an “awww” and wear a sad face and a slouched posture. His lit up face remained 🙂 He reached in and, amazingly when his little hand came out, he was holding only one sweetie from the rather large stash.  Impressed!  I also heard the Dad say “you’ve hit the jack pot!”  hee hee, if only he knew, maybe all the other tubs had been sucked dry by all the tiny eager fingers by others who had had their offerings out all afternoon, thoughtful and pre-prepared.

Along came a few more receivers who also took one sweetie each, very thoughtful participators indeed.  There was a group with a fairy who was monitoring her little gang’s takings when I heard “you can’t take a handful”, which the excess was immediately placed back into the tub.  How organised these fairies are nowadays.

So, what do you fill your inner bucket with? 

Do you get bogged down with what should or shouldn’t be filling your bucket up, feeling guilty with things you believe you should do or should be?

The do’s and don’ts of everything?

Or do you allow yourself some fun, and are able to gift yourself the ability to see the playful side of life to filter out the doom and gloom of some reality?

Why not have a play with your very own pair of imaginative fun seeking glasses. Enrich your life with imagination, play, changing your perception to see the lighter side of daily activities. 

Be able to fill your inner bucket with play, joy, creative fun uplifting things to stuff into your bucket, so all the should’s, annoyances, frustrations, envy’s, dwelling thoughts, can flow out and be let go off.

glass hand crafted bead baby

Have a play with how the water feels and looks whilst washing up, may be imagine there is a tiny old fashioned diver with his massive metal helmet on walking around the bottom of your washing up bowl, kicking the bubbles, or giving your hands a massage as he tromps along them.

Give yourself some time to be in the moment and see the special fun moments.

Let your imagination run wild, feed your soul. Gift yourself some time, even if it is a split moment amongst all the crazy organisations, running around, take the time to gaze up into the clouds with your pair of imaginative fun seeking glasses to see shapes in the clouds. Obviously not whilst driving please! Please be sensible and safe. You are responsible for your and your own children’s safe habits, trust your gut, listen to your gut, enjoy feeling lighter with playful moments, be present to look after yourselves.

Make light of everyday mundane situations or things that sometime appear nothing like you wish them to. Go on, have a play…

Do you find listening to your gut or intuition a little tricky? (excuse the Halloween pun) You may benefit from assistance to help you find and fill your inner fun bucket, to let things go, trust, or help you to connect with your intuition and powerful inner guidance. I am more than happy to guide you to your fabulousness… let’s find out how you can achieve greatness 🙂

Aha! I can see something brewing (again couldn’t resist!) up to the surface for a future topic… how about… turning the tap on to letting intuition flow? If this is something that lights you up, let me know, or if there is something else burning somewhere you need help with, I’d love to help.

For now… let me guide you to my lovingly crafted playful insightful inner journeys to find your peaceful and successful centre… this way to explore how to open your inner window to feast your eyes on your true sense of playfulness…

Use your seer sense to find my playful hand crafted one of a kind glass bead babies. Send me an email if you see something you like out of one of my newsletters to check if it is still available to snap up. Christmas is coming… they are awesome stocking fillers, or shockingly good cherished gift ideas for those you love and wish to bring some playfulness to.
The bead babies are available individually, or I can craftily set them alone or as stunning pair of earrings that I can guarantee not one person in the world will have one the same. I use a variety of metal and precious metal, and the cost varies around $20-$30 to give you an idea of how reasonably priced they are for such a unique one of a kind hand crafted gift to someone, or yourself!

On the topic of seeking that special gift for someone (or your special sELF) for Christmas very soon… why not treat them to a gift certificate to use on a Magical Relaxation Experience? These are individually tailored for upmost devine pampering in my blissful space in Tascott, NSW. If you wish for an online relaxation or enlightening experience, I can easily conjure that up too, I have seen some amasing results. So trust your gut instinct, what you are getting drawn to and feel you need, and let me know how I can assist you.

gift certificates for relaxation

I wish you and your family the ability to have a fun-filled bucket everyday 🙂 And I thank you and hope you enjoyed reading my fun-filled Halloween insightful escapades.

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