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Home Helpline

Your fire is crackling softly in the background, the squishy chair you are snuggled in engulfs you in a warm embrace, the diffusing scent of the wise old cedars cleanse the air as they waft up your nose.  You sink more and more into blissful comfort while you sip your nourishing drink, and relax as you slowly turn the pages of a favourite book, or watch your favourite movie.  This time is your time at last… ahhhhh… snuggle… drift…



Then the telephone rings, or someone shouts wanting your attention or asking you to do something, or you suddenly remember something needs doing.  Whatever happens, it interrupts your moment…

Do you answer the phone?  The call to action?  The call for help?

Is it in your nature to be compelled to always interrupt your moment for someone or something else that needs doing?

Imagine how it would affect you if you ignored the telephone, the person needing your attention, or your constant demands, and you just stayed put doing what you were already doing?  How would that then affect you?  Is that even possible to consider doing such a thing? 

Does it change your mood regardless of how you respond?

Does this always seem to happen to you in life?  Is there any time for you at home or out and about?

What feelings does it bring up for you?

Are you able to acknowledge and express your feelings?

If you ignore your feelings, push them down, do they… 

  • Simmer underground and start to produce toxic fumes that get released every now & again, depending on how much tension is building and blocking them and holding them in…
    Then when you least expect it… BAM!!!
    They explode!… creating a crater, affecting all people, animals, things all around you, possibly leaving you in a guilty pit at your centre?
  • Create an impenetrable icy fortress, having built a fake place of safety, locking your inner child away from everyone, and any feeling of kindness, love and comfort, icing them into a cold damp existence?
  • Act as a firey shield of protection, burning anyone who dares to get too close to you by cutting, sarcastic remarks, constantly deflecting away any possible chance at finding lifelong true friends or true loving partners?
  • Feel like a giant cyclops is storming through your head, swiping away and destroying everything in his path, leaving a trail of destruction and chaos behind, resulting in confusion, emptiness, or resentment.  Does it’s great hand then tip your belly upside-down and inside-out, churning it, letting all your essence out, to feel empty, or not allow you to feel anything at all?

Or maybe…

  • Feel like a colourless lost child wandering amongst impenetrable fog and mist, dragging your old worn out toy around everywhere you go with your head hung low and shoulders slumped down, perceiving that you mean nothing to anyone, “what’s the point”, as you shuffle along in desolation and sadness with a constant frown?

No matter how you feel, just know that those feelings can change.  Feelings are part and parcel of daily living…

They come, they go,

You are not your feelings…

Your feelings are experienced…

They are real but not something to define you and your actions.

Your mission… if you chose to accept it… is to confront them.  Ahhhhhh!  Trust me, it’s not as scary as it sounds!!!! It may seem like you are needing to be a secret agent going on a life threatening mission to seek and destroy the enemy.  However, not acknowledging them is the true threat.  This allows them to lay hidden in the shadows so they can wear us down over time, and slowly destroy our beautiful bodies and souls.

Being honest with ourselves and speaking the truth regardless of possible consequences is definitely a skill. 

How to stay calm, cosied up and constantly settled in our own home, our true home, in our own mind, body and soul, as our true selves is the magical answer to life’s big question.

But how?

Would you like to feel the comfort of being at home whenever, wherever you are?  Regardless of what is going on around you? 

Getting to truly know ourselves can be confronting, however, sometimes we need a little helper to assist us.  That is why I love, help others with, and practise what I do. 

Holistic Kinesiology, Mind Body Medicine, inner child processes, and self awareness are fantastic tools.  These tools paired with a trusted practitioner to provide the space to be truly present are the key to feeling at home within ourselves.  So feel free to connect with me if your inner child tells you it is time to have your moment to shine, I would love to help you find calm and comfort within. 

For now, I would like to demonstrate this little technique that I have adapted from other recognised techniques that I play with, in the comfort of my home…

It’s Playtime…


As always, seek help from a qualified health practitioner if you are struggling with anything in your mind and body.  Ensure you are safe and able to do visualisations, and have a healthy mindset.

This technique I find helpful for children and anyone who needs to find a little comfort and strength within. 

I Firstly find a comfortable position, sitting down with my feet flat on the floor and my arms draped lightly on my lap so I can stay focused and present. I begin to settle my system by practising some nice open deep breathing, filling up my 3 jiaos, as suggested and demonstrated here in my previous video.

I then imagine I am sitting within a beautiful bubble…

Within this bubble, I place anything that helps me relax… for instant the scenario at the beginning of this blog, or my dog, my glass bead art, or the feeling when I am throwing a clay bowl on my pottery wheel, etc etc…

I breathe into it, allow it to fill me up and observe how my body feels as I relax into the comfort of my home bubble.  I continue to practise this in the comfort of my home, so it is easier to do outside when I may need to use it to help calm myself.

If you chose to have a go at this, I would love to hear how you go.

Here is a little acronym to help stay within your own home to feel comfortable wherever you are…


Hydrate – drinking sufficient clean filtered water daily helps to flush away waste, cleanse, optimises thinking, etc.  The colour of your wee, skin, pores etc are all tell tell signs to help us.

Oxygenate – deep breathing into the full space of our lungs long and deeply regularly is wonderful, especially in the clean area of nature.

Move – good exercise daily assists with movement of the lymphatic system to cleanse our systems and feel good.

Elongate – I love when the Alexander Technique reminds us to imagine our backs elongating and widening, optimising precious and flowy space and movement in our bodies.

I hope you enjoy being at home within yourselves. 

I always enjoy meeting health seeking families who seek me out to facilitate their self healing magic, thank you x

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