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Taming The Grief Gremlin

Welcome to part 2 of conquering those grief gremlins.

Relaxing into the moment…

Because August is my special birth month, I invite you to take a moment, and sit yourself down with me.  I ask you to invite the power of the lion and lioness into your awareness, filling you up.  To feel the power infuse into you, gently warming you and caring for you, feeling part of their tribe, accepting you for who you are right here right now.  Feeling in tune with the powerful moon at the moment. I suggest diffusing the Young Living Essential Oil Valor Blend to enhance this experience.

Start by closing your eyes and allow yourselves to take some slow deep breaths in and out of your nose. 

On your outbreath, notice how your shoulders are releasing their tension, slowly dropping, as your body sinks into your pelvis, fully supported in the chair, with your feet flat on the floor and warm and cosy.

Allow yourself to notice if there is any tension anywhere in your body, acknowledge it, then move onto the next area to notice any other areas that are requiring your attention.

Please do this until you have noticed all areas of tension.

Now breath into all of those areas as a whole. 

Allow yourself to expand out from your spine sideways on the in-breath, then coming back to your centre on your out-breath.

Next, allow yourself to elongate out of the top and bottom of your spine on your in-breath, and then return back to your centre on your out-breath.

Explore how your body feels now, having breathed in the energising powerful energy of the lion, the lioness, the tribe, the full moon.

Relax into this moment in your precious body, thanking it for being there for you.

I hope this has helped you in just a few minutes to feel calmer and lighter in some way.  I also hope this newsletter provides you with ways that suit you, to be able to tame any grief gremlin back to the cuddly Gizmo (reference from Gremlins the movie).

So let’s get straight to the good stuff, I love prevention.  After all, I am pretty sure y’all don’t want yucky random physical ailments like frozen shoulders, feeling tired or exhausted or continuing toxic emotions to take hold or continue.  (Apologies for that random y’all!  It probably came from the book I’m currently reading.)

Here are some examples of what I have found over the years has helped to find peace whilst taming your grief gremlin…

Examples of longterm solutions for transforming grief into feeling whole again…

Kinesiology sessions

I have found these to be an essential powerful healing way to help seek out and destroy painful and uncomfortable parts of myself and my clients. 

My family, my clients and myself know that when we are aware of the underlying uncomfortable thoughts feelings beliefs, trauma etc, we are able to do what is needed to get them out of our systems. 
After all who wants debilitating festering baggage hiding away inside blocking the passageways?  Clearing up our systems, can then transform ourselves to feel lighter and be more comfortable within our own skins. 
This is the way as the Mandalorian says (yes, its all about being a superhero this month!).
There are so many benefits of having a session. Here’s to becoming the best version of who you wish to be, after all, this is why I do what I do 😉 
I love providing the support needed to my clients throughout their whole process and provide the space to help transform grief gremlins into the cuddly Gizmo (yes another character, this one is from Gremlins the movie ;)) It is truly a treasure to watch someone become aware and blossom with hope towards becoming the best version of themselves possible.
Contact me to chat about how I can assist you in your freeing journey.

Acupressure points

Acupressure has similar benefits to acupuncture but without the needles! 

Either I hold or educate others how to hold a specific relevant point relating to their needs. 

With the focused intention and energy, this can help to release whatever is preventing the move of fluids and emotions. 

This is like clearing away any left over rubbish that that pesky grief gremlin may have left behind over the years. 

As with anything, if we clear up the messy grief as we go, it prevents passageways from being clogged up, and from him making a home for itself.

These points will then continue to keep calming and releasing for hours after the session, continuing the body’s healing response after the session.  An example of an overall general stress releasing points are the Emotional Stress Release Points, which help to clear general stress.  These are great to help us return the needed blood to our frontal lobe to be able to think more clearly after a stressful event. 

I use kinesiology, instincts or knowledge to identify individual points depending on the issue we are aiming to clear.  I love the Large Intestine 4 point for letting go.  This is roughly located on the upper most fleshy point near the thumb on the back of the hand, when the thumb is pressed to the index finger.  Care must always be taken when using acupressure points, well, when doing any therapy we have to know what we are doing.  This point is not to be used in stages of pregnancy.

There are many points which can be used for assisting various stages of grief.  I love the way Kinesiology can be used to locate acupoints to help people in whatever stage they are in, to suit their specific needs.


I love and use Young Living Essential Oils pretty much every day.  Their pure clean notes of whole plants, herbs, flowers, fruit etc have been so helpful to calm the limbic system and help to change ways of responding to a stressor.  They can be applied with a carrier oil, or inhaled via an oil diffuser.    For example when wishing to feel calmer, more peaceful, and more able to deal with any grief, I find some of these beautiful oils can help smooth the way: Peace and calmingTM; Stress awayTM; Roman chamomile, and Lavender oils.  Which of the powerful calming buddies in a bottle would you find relaxing?

Dr Bach flower essences

I use these delightful essences on a regular basis for myself, my dog and my clients.  I find they also compliment the oils, and significantly enhance the cleansing or uplifting sprays I create for whomever is needing them. 

The essence is chosen by exploring the person’s characteristics, what is pushing their buttons, and what they are needing help with at that time. 

The support essences are generally taken as 2 drops, 4 times a day to assist building up of their resilience and help to provide strength by continuing to release unwanted stressors.  Rescue remedyTM, is used for generalised stress release, and these are some for individual personality traits; Agrimony for those who always put on a brave face but are struggling underneath; Star of Bethlehem I have heard be called a hug in a bottle, we all could do with one of those every now & again!  I wonder which ones you may find helpful and relate to.

Dr Schuessler tissue salts

These are mineral salts that reside in our bodies all the time, that are needed for basic functioning of our cells. 

Facial signs and body signs indicate what mineral a person or animal may be deficient in. 

An indication of Kali Phos for example, along with the facial signs, may be used when our nerves are being taxed or overstressed, to then help restore a sense of calm. 

They are easily absorbed under the tongue straight into the blood stream, so I wouldn’t be without them in my kitchen and clinic cupboards when signs of deficiency arise.  Are you curious if you have any deficiency signs?

Guided empowering relaxations

These can help to find, build and harness our inner strength within, and can help to overpower lingering grief gremlins. 

We all need a bit of fun, light heartedness, entertainment, escapism, and PLAY. 

Would you like the chance to change your perception in your own home and time, to be whatever you want to be in your mind?  Why not harness the power of imagination. 

What we can gain, instead of trying or wishing to be like someone else, is to imagine we have what we admire about them most.  After all, it’s not the person we want to be, but the qualities they have, what we believe we might be missing. 

We are meant to be who we are, that is why we were born who we are. 

Have you ever found yourself drawn to someone in reality or in a film or book?  Is there something they may have, or a way of holding themselves that you may wish for yourself? 

So may I suggest starting with Becoming Your Hero Relaxation Experience and explore what it is that you might wish for yourself.  You get to experience what it would be like to have those qualities for yourself during the guided visualisation.  The idea is to identify and play with them in this powerful experience, so you can transform these skills out into real life and daily living. 

Who is your hero?  What qualities do they have?  This is your opportunity to explore how it would be to have those or even some of their special powers, and may be able to embody some of them in your reality.


This one I never thought I’d get into!  “It’s for old people!” lol. 

It can be very grounding however, I can see why mature people get into gardening, may be because they are nurturing their creative abilities, filling their sacral area once their family flees the nest for example.  I guess there are many reasons. 

It can be very helpful to reconnect to our core, when returning to nature, feeling supported by mother nature, being nurtured by the biggest mother’s womb there is on this planet. 

Plants can be very healing, after all, they provide the breath we breath and the life sustaining food we eat. 

It can be very healing for our sacral chakra, in our abdomens, the centre of womanhood, the centre of creation, very nourishing for wombs.  Also for powering up and balancing those special male energies.

Have a go at planting a seed from an organic apple for instance that you may have just eaten.  Putting one, two or 3 seeds in a special pot, that you can tend to each day.  I soak the seed in water over night first to activate it, then plant in soil, watch and admire any little shoots that come up. 

What plant do you relate to or love the smell of?  Can you bring this aspect of what you love into your daily life somehow.  Maybe as a plant, flower, food, or as an easy to carry around essential oil.


You might like to have a go at sprouting.  This can be nurturing and comforting for ourselves and nature, both emotionally and physically. 

When we care for sprouts, for example alfalfa, broccoli, sunflower, etc, our intention feeds and raises the vibration of our sacral chakra in our bellies.  When we eat the sprouts when they have bloomed with gorgeous baby green leaves, we are then eating the care and attention we have gifted the sprouts. 

Watch and care for the baby seeds as they are first given a little bath in 1tsp of apple cider vinegar and half a glass jar of filtered pure water for around 15mins.  They are then rinsed and drained through their stainless steel mess lid 3 times, then left in their relaxing bath of pure water, to continue to soak for the appropriate amount of time, depending on the type of seed.  Again, they are washed and drained, and placed to sit in sunlight until their next wash and drain in the evening.  The washing and draining is repeated twice daily for approximately 3-7 days, when they will be ready to eat.

This provides us with care, attention, loving energy and nutrition back into our bodies.  It is like the energy of the plants we have nurtured, can then give us back the love and care we put into them, the circle of life, gifting us back what we put out, setting our intention to be open to receive and fill ourselves up with love. 

Purposeful activity

You will find this word splashed around in abundance in Occupational Therapy, it is one of our core beliefs for most treatment.  By finding what activity and way of being floats our boat, tickles our fancy, raises our vibration, warms our hearts, and gives ourselves a sense of true self, we are on our powerful path to taming our grief gremlin.

Is it art and craft we love?  Colouring in, drawing, free form sculpture, calligraphy, digital art, feeling the clay through fingers on a potters wheel, flower arranging, the list goes on…

Maybe photography?  Roller skating?  Skate boarding?  Ice skating?  Climbing?

Sitting in nature and reading a good book?  Baking? 

Walking on the sand or through a forest, or climbing a mountain for the view and to feel the wind through our hair?

Tap dancing, salsa dancing, tango, ballroom, flamenco, dancing at home with headphones on in your bedroom…

If you are unsure of what raises your vibration, cast your mind back for any moments of happiness.  Or just have a go at something new to see if any sparks fly, change things, rearrange things, identify things that work, and things that need to be tweeked or changed to suit our personality.

Have a go at something new this week, what would that be and look like?  Go on, make a date with yourself to start it now.

A sum up for taming the grief gremlin…

Naming what is causing or has caused the grief in the first place, so we can come to terms with it, to start moving through it as our whole self.

Accepting assistance from a qualified Therapist to help us process through how and where our grief has affected us physically and emotionally and to explore ways to regain our sense of self.

Finding purposeful activities, roles and ways of being, that raise our vibration to be comfortable as ourselves during the process of processing our grief.

Help us regain our sense of self, look after ourselves and find strength in ourselves.

Refill and power ourselves up with all those positive emotions.

I wish you so much success with taming your grief gremlin.  As always, thank you for reading.  I would love to hear what new activity you have a go at.  Sending peace and calming vibes your way from Mandy xo

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