Inner Child nurturing with Kinesiology on Central Coast
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Inner Child Honouring with Kinesiology

Greetings and Salutations!  
I do so love using this greeting, it is from Demolition Man film from years ago with Sandra Bullock.  I realise this is very apt because her Character in the film is very innocent, with a sense of adventure. 

After all, isn’t that the essence of children when they are allowed to be nurtured and honoured?  

nurturing children

So, I would like to take a moment for us all to ensure we are paying attention to, nurturing and honouring our inner children too.

Ps, there is also however a little blood and gore in Demolition Man too, witch (meant!!! Lol) I suppose is also apt for the lovers of the scary version of Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I am currently sat on my balcony writing my newsletter.  I am however, getting very distracted by the amazing variety of both little (and large) trick or treaters, all in different characters mulling around the neighbourhood on their treasure hunts.  I am appreciating all the time and effort that has gone into getting dressed up and embracing their inner children. 

Wishing each other a “Happy Halloween” just because it’s a celebration, possibly without any understanding of it’s roots.  Witch (again meant! Hee hee) I guess doesn’t always matter if there is fun, joy and play being had.

So… amongst all of these frivolities, the playful inner child in me is calling, so I am honouring her.

Instead of the usual sweets lollies or chocolate, this year I was determined to do something different.  Oh boy, I achieved that, and I was very pleasantly rewarded by the sense of fun and intrigue vibing off from many of the partakers.  A gift indeed.

So, I would like to share it with you too. 

A Gift…

A gift to honour all those little children wanting to be heard and expressed inside of us all.

Are you creative??

Are you crafty??

Are you Young??

Are you slightly older than some??

Are you more mature??

Are you ready for something essential in life… Play?

Whoever you are, I would like to encourage you to embrace your little inner children inside of you and simply play.  Create and use your Gestalt Brain, your Right brain, fuel your imagination.  After all…

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know now and understand. While imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

Grab yourself some colours, whatever you get drawn to (pun intended).

I invite you to download one of the following images, and let your creative juices flow as you play in comfort with your inner child…

It’s Competition Time…

There is a gift hidden inside the printable gift below also! A gift within a gift, wow I am feeling generous this month! Be quick… entries in by 5pm Australian NSW time on… “remember, remember the 5th of November (for those English people who know what I am talking about!!”

Please feel free to share this with those you believe will love them too and wish to enter. Nowadays we are not limited by what Country we are in.

Meet your favourite new characters to play with. Click on the link you like to start your fun with…

Hatty the Hat inner child

Hatty the Hat

Pong the Strong Pumpkin inner child and kinesiology

Pong the Pumpkin


Shiny the Star inner child and kinesiology

Shiny the Star

gifts for kinesiology

Does that spark your inner adventurous child?

You can trust me, it is all clean fun from a clean space as long as you use my original link of course.  If you feel your inner child is a little cautious, let me know and I can email you a pdf of it.

So… short and sweet this month.

Happy colouring your world whilst holding your special inner child close, and see what enfolds.

I look forward to receiving your entries with your child like faces.

witch bead baby and kinesiology

Happy Halloween!


We all need a bit of fun and play every day.

I am excited for what is coming up in the pipeline. All will be revealed soon…

Until then, I hope you honour your childlike innocence, fun and laughter,

Mandy xo

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