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Do I Need Protection?

“You need protection” Chloe declared.

“Why so?” Molly retorted indignantly, perturbed as to why her friend thought her in need of it.

With her arms folded she scowled daring the response.

“Molly dear, please don’t take this as a slight on your character, but you do seem to take on the worries of those around you and get buffeted by the storms of others” she offered carefully.

She could not deny it, when hearing it out loud, the realisation hit her.  Her shoulders slumped defeated.

Chloe laid a gentle hand on her friend as she guided her towards the bench.

They sat and Molly stared down at her limply folded hands on her lap.

“I can’t help it” she agreed solemnly.  It’s like my heart gets trampled on and takes a bashing when I’m in certain situations with people.”

“Sometimes I do not know if it is in my head or indeed I am feeling my pain or theirs.  It’s horrid when someone says one thing on the outside, and I see that they are lying to themselves hidden away on the inside.”

“It makes me sad that they are not being honest with themselves and me.  Maybe I do not wish them to be honest with me because then will it tear me apart even more?  Oh I don’t know!”.  Molly’s head dropped into her hands.

“It must be hard for you” her friend suggested.  “I cannot imagine how confusing and disrupting that must be.  That’s why I still believe you need protection.”

They stared at each other in silence as this sunk in.

Then almost as if the silent pause awakened something in Molly, she dropped down to meet it.  Calmly she paid full attention to the space in her chest where she had been feeling the pain.  As she closed her eyes, she reached down towards it with all her senses allowing herself to meet what was seeking her attention.

“I have it” she exclaimed opening her eyes brightly, startling Chloe, both chuckling as they heard the tiny thud from her landing back on the bench.

“It’s not protection I need” she declared.  “Because…” she continued, “if that’s the case… what am I protecting myself from?  Am I in need of a troop of gallant guards surrounding me, constantly on alert waiting to attack anything that may try and crush my heart?

The colour rose to Chloe’s cheeks when she realised she was being asked a question.  She was caught imagining being in the middle of a troop of SAS soldiers flexing their muscles and winking at her.

“Are you listening to me?” Molly prodded her, “wherever did you go?” she enquired with a hint of knowing where her friend had gone by the blush!

“I… I… That might not be sooo bad would it?” she innocently winked.

They both burst out laughing.

“Seriously though, however nice that might be for a while” a little pink filling her own cheeks.  “Wouldn’t I end up being somewhat imprisoned myself?” 

She imaged her heart being guarded, hidden away, gathering dust, shrivelling up and feeling unloved and alone. 

“By protecting my heart, may then prevent me from feeling anything at all, any of the good stuff.  I would be like Voldemort splitting his soul, just to protect himself from death.  It would be like living a half life, a fake life, not being able to express my feelings or welcome in the fullness of life and what love has to offer?”

Chloe thought about this deep pondering for a moment, her thoughts returning briefly to the soldiers.  With a sigh, she waved her muscular protectors goodbye.

They both drew in a rather large breath, giggled then looked thoughtful again.

“OK then, may be not protection.  You do need something.”

Molly nodded, closed her eyes once more then found her heart in the silence.

“Support” came her confident reply.

“Support?” quizzed her friend.

“Yes” Molly was now almost brimming with excitement.  “Don’t you see?  By supporting my own feelings and emotions, whatever they are, gives myself permission to feel something.  After all, I am definitely feeling something, all that pain in my chest is very real.”  She identified clutching her fist briefly towards her chest.

I could then ask myself, “is this my pain or am I feeling someone else’s?  This would help to get some clarity on what needs my attention, and what needs to be returned to and sorted by its’ original owner.”

“Maybe I could then use those soldiers of yours to support my cleansing by chasing away everything that isn’t mine”, she winked.

She continued wistfully, “it feels very powerful instead of my usual questioning, wondering, cowering or worrying if I’ve done something wrong when someone is being dishonest with themselves, and other unhelpful thoughts.”

“So that’s it then?  You’re sorted?” Chloe hoped, still basking in the afterglow warmth of her muscle man memory.

“Yes.  And No” Molly got the whole attention of her friend now.

“Go on” she managed.

“And the care and support from you is priceless.  Thank you for being present for me, honest and caring.  Your support helps my spirit to feel raised up and lighter, and enables me to more easily stay connected with my best self.  Thank you so much”.

With grateful tears welling up in their eyes, the warmth of their bear hug gave each other a magical blanket of comfort over their hearts, feeding their own strength to nurture and grow their unique selves, just as they were born and meant to be..  

I hope you are able to…

…Give yourself permission to support yourself and your own real needs.

…Stand in your power, whilst feeling supported and held by your own strength.

…Give yourself permission to release what isn’t yours back to its owner to take responsibility for their own self growth.

…Give yourself permission to hug yourself and embrace your greatness.

…Receive support from other enlightened souls, standing together to raise each other up.

I wish you success with feeling supported inside and out, attracting and receiving your own like-minded caring supportive tribe.

Plod this way to have a go at another technique, to have a play with the Jade Tortoise. You’ll understand what I mean when you go to this page, or find it through the tips and tricks in the blog menu. We need all the help we are offered to stay centred and ourselves during these times.

And for the finale, I’d like to share some very powerful words from Enola Holmes’s mother to her…

“You will do very well on your own, Enola, but with others, you could be magnificent.

You find your allies, work with them, and you will become more of who you are.

You speak with one voice and you will make more noise than you can ever have imagined.

Dust yourself down and keep facing forward.” 

Eudoria Holmes (Enola Holmes 2 film)

Thank you for reading my offerings, and for looking after yourself, we are in this together to grow and raise each other up.

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