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Star’s Heartfelt Story

I just love stories.  I remember sitting by the fireplace with the flames crackling, warming my face until it glowed like a little tomato.  I remember feeling safe, warm and cosy, as my Grampy would use his words to take my sister and I on a magical journey.

This month, I’d like to share a story…

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Now, please be aware that this story may be a trigger. 

Having recently completed a mental health first aid course, it reaffirmed the basic need for care and support for each and everyone of us. How important it is to be aware how life can trigger uncomfortable feelings at any time, and be able to do a powerful check in… “are you ok?”.  Check in on yourself and others to ensure all is well inside and out.

I believe a union of both Mental and Physical Health is the key to a healthy balanced life.

As Dr Edward Bach, who created the Bach original Flower Remedies, so eloquently said…

“Health is our heritage, our right.  It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body; and this is not a difficult far-away ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it”. 

Dr Edward Bach

So be kind and listen to any needs that may arise from this story. 
Ensure to seek necessary support from someone who is skilled to do so. 
Know the importance of processing any emotions and feelings it may bring up.
Please do not ignore them, and trap them inside, where they may manifest into dis-ease.

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Remember that I am available online for individual and for family sessions. I would love to help in any way I am able, please feel free to reach out to me here to explore how I can assist you. 
I provide space, time and my experience of over 20 years to help reduce those triggers, and to navigate successfully together, through that doorway to self healing.

So please, for now, I invite you to gift yourself some time and space, grab a nourishing bevvy, get comfortable, and receive what you need right now from this magical story…

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Star’s Heartfelt Story…

In a room far far away, lives a very special little child, whose name is Star. 

For a long time, others would come and go around this room, however, they would never venture inside to where Star was. 

For some curious reason, this room was invisible to them.  Only Star was ever able to access this room. 

And what was even more curiouser was that this room appeared to change shape and size every now and again, almost like it was alive.

To add to these strange happenings, one day, out of nowhere appeared a butterfly. 

It flew and flew around and around the room, up, down, like it was looking for something.

And then… he saw what he was looking for… he had found Star.

As quick as a flash, he fluttered down and gently landed on a nearby surface.

“Hello?… a-hum… excuse me” came the tiny voice.

No response…

He tried once more repeating himself hoping to gain Star’s attention.

Still nothing…

The little butterfly was starting to get annoyed by being ignored by Star.

In a huff, he filled up his little lungs and bellowed as loud as he was able, taking flight as he did, in order to get nearer and be noticed.

But still… Star did not move.

What the butterfly did not know was that Star was used to being alone, and did not receive any attention from anyone.  No one ever looked in to see if everything was alright, to spend time with, or ask if anything was needed.

So, that was why Star didn’t move.  Alone… quiet… invisible… not saying boo to a goose was just the norm.

The butterfly however did not get deterred, he was on a mission. 

He decided to try something else.  He hovered and hovered right in front of Star’s eyes creating a gentle moving wind.  Now this movement, created a response… and Star, ever so slowly… looked up at the butterfly.

As the butterfly gazed intently into Star’s eyes, he noticed something unusual.  Laid over the top of each of Star’s eyes, were long clear stones, almost like 2 plain gems were staring back at him.

What does this mean he thought to himself, after all, he was not receiving any answers from the motionless Star.

What really troubled him however, was that behind these gems were the saddest pair of little eyes he had ever seen, and he had seen many eyes on his journey!

On seeing this sadness, his whole body slumped, like he was seeing this child through different eyes himself… through his own heart.

He slowly fluttered down onto Star’s hand gently resting his wings, and simply waited.

He waited and waited, and knew no matter how long it would take, he was going to wait patiently by Star’s side.  He would provide what was needed so Star could feel loved, comforted, nurtured, noticed and special just by being there for Star in his own little heart.

Slowly, as Star began to realise that the little butterfly was staying put no matter what… like a torch being lit, the butterfly noticed a little glow emanating from inside of Star.

As he watched… this glow grew stronger and stronger from one minute to the next, brighter and brighter, warming a space inside of Star that had been cold and neglected for a long long time. 

And as Star’s glow brightened, the whole room then became warm, cosy, and everything changed… the best it had ever been.

The cold bland room was now providing a nourishing space for growth, comfort, love and endless possibilities of finding joy.

Star was then able to move freely… and by feeling fully supported… was able to gently wipe away the 2 gems. Allowing everything to appear just as it is, for all to see and feel those clear sparkling eyes full of wonder, to see who Star truly is. 

Star and the butterfly were never separated again, never again did Star feel alone.

Star, the butterfly and the room were always filled with love and opportunities for all to see and feel.

So… if this speaks to you in any way… please… I urge you to do something about it.  

Now is the time to give our little hearts what they need. 
Notice how important it is to provide for our needs…
Pay attention to our hearts…
Spend time with our hearts to help them glow…
Let our hearts lead when we are walking up tall and effortlessly, and be able to follow our hearts…
Tap into and listen to what our instincts are telling us…
Allow our true selves to light up and grow…
Be how we are born to be, who we are meant to be… ourselves.

Have a play with your posture… 
When walking… imagine your heart is moving first and leading your body and mind. 
When doing activities… imagine and feel your heart is being fully present in all you do.

I wish you well in allowing time and space for your soul to shine for yourself and others, to feel a sense of self and to know how truly special you are.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this from my heart to yours,

Mandy xo

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