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The Jade Tortoise

It’s playtime…

I am going about my daily activities, when out of the corner of my eye something catches my eye.

I stop, I listen to this inner guidance system showing me something to pay attention to.

I turn my head & look towards the object.

I make a decision there and then to try something.

I chose to give myself 2 minutes out of my work day and walk over to the item of interest.

I take the time to pick it up, and as I sit down I ensure I am straight, centred and comfortable.

I hold it lightly in my hands with an open mind.

I gently let my eyes close and sink into my senses.

I allow myself and my attention to surround it, to be with it.

Almost instantly I see a vision in my minds eye.

An image of a cute little tortoise walking slowly in its own time, with a huge smile on its face looking up at me.


I then sensed these words, like an echo of the past or a smooth voice over with a gentle certainty.

“Slow and steady wins the race”

I then made another decision.

I chose to do just this.

I slowed down my walking, my breathing.

I gave myself the permission to slow down my actions.

I realised how quickly I was moving and doing things.

I realised the pressure I was putting myself under to get things done quickly.

I realised the sheer volume of thoughts clouding my head.

I chose to give myself the ability to return the flow of fluids to my brain and body by reducing my tension that was sneaking in with my distracted circus of goings on.

I chose to be in the present and gift myself with the satisfaction of being in the moment whilst doing one thing at a time.

I was able to allow myself to be me. I was able to write this awareness to share with you to gain whatever you need. When following our own inner guidance system and paying attention to the signs that are laid out for us every day, assists us to stay in our centre, and our daily flow.

This scenario reminds me of a book I read years ago called the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  It is an interesting read and I remember coming away with these realises; there are no consequences, everything is meant; everything happens when it is meant to happen; everything teaches us something when we are open to seeing the signs.

Thank you for choosing to read this and following your inner guidance now!

I wish you success in your daily play, to follow your inner guidance and practise this skill to make it easier and second nature, with less distractions whacking you off the skill of being your true self.

I love helping people delve deeper, online or in person, to find their inner purpose, intuition and to gain confidence and comfort in their own skin. Let’s do this!

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