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The Bicarb Angel

I hope the following insightful story is helpful to those of you who are looking to find ways to detoxify and cleanse your systems, especially after any indulgent practises that may have occurred recently wink wink. There are also more suggestions at the end of the story that I use within my clinical practise. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Please read on for some enlightenment, awareness and enjoyment…

“Do you like playing games?” asked Barbara.

Tim nods.

“Pick up the stick with the conductive loopy end”

He does.

“Now concentrate, bring all your attention right in front of you”

His tongue comes out as he begins, and focuses so hard on it, that the conductor in his hand starts to shake already.

He wills his hand to do his bidding,

He hopes his hand can move the stick all the way to the end of the game without making it shriek…

His over-concentration stresses his hand into a little wobble, making the conductor touch the wire… bzzzzzzz it goes making him jump, shooting the stick to the other side of the conductor… bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz.  “Ahhhh make it stop” he cries! 

He dropped the stick out of sheer frustration

annoyed, angry, self help

He picked up the stick and has another go… out comes that tongue again.

This time, when it happens, he ignores the loud noise and pushes his hand forward, with sheer determination pushing forwards regardless of any collateral damage to ears in the vicinity in order to beat the buzz!

Barbara takes a slow breath out



He frowned briefly out the corner of his eye at her, while still stuck in the game with his tongue almost fully out one side of his mouth.  Bzzzzzzz!  He shouts something unpleasant at her, slams down the conductor stick and stomps away.

A little while later, he returns tentatively to the room with his head down and shoulders slumped with the embarrassment at his outburst at her, that she was not the cause of.

Barbara looks up at him with a welcoming smile and a glint in her eye for his return to the scene of his angst.

His shoulders relax and he appears a little brighter.  “I am sorry” he replied with a flickering glow of confidence waiting for permission to return.

“Thank you” was her reassuring smiling answer, as she gently taps the seat next to her on the squishy sofa. 

His belly and head stop their spin cycle.

Barbara repositions herself to face him and produces a little ornamental box.

“I have been waiting for the right moment to give this to you” she stated as his fingers wrapped themselves carefully around the textured box.

He looked at her inquisitory as he opened the box.

Sitting cushioned inside the box he saw a delicate white figurine with a tiny label on a golden thread.

“The Bicarb Angel” he read confused, wondering why he had been given such a childish present.

And then the brightness almost blinded them…

…In an instant it was gone.

He blinked, wondering if he had gone mad for a moment.

He looked towards Barbara who eyes were smiling knowingly at him.

He gazed back down at the figurine, which was gone!

“What?” he quickly looked around his seat, got up with his eyes looking this way and that, as he bent down his hands feeling around all the creases of the sofa but returning empty.

“Where’s she gone?” he gasped.

He then noticed Barbara’s gaze was directed above him.

He slowly raised his eyes and head, then staggered backwards in shock.

There was a dazzling bright something directly above his head.

He steadied himself and stared.

Once his eyes adjusted to the light, he was able to work out tiny features staring back at him.

He then noticed the warmth.

It was like he was being sprinkled with something over the top of his head.

“What on earth?” he mouthed.

And then it stopped.

The little figurine was back in her box as if nothing had happened.

He looked towards Barbara in bewilderment.

“What just happened?” he wondered out loud.

“You’ve just met the Bicarb Angel!” Barbara replied.

“The what?” he replied confused.

“The Bicarb Angel” once again she smiled reassuringly.

And then he remembered the label The Bicarb Angel.

“Why did she stop?  Thinking about it, how did she start?  How?… And… whaaaaaaat?” he flopped on the nearest chair to prevent him falling over.

Barbara asked if he was ready to understand, and if he wished her to help him.  To clear his bewilderment, he replied that he was.

“As I said” she began, “this is the bicarb angel, and when you let her help you, this is what can happen…

“But how do I let her help me?” he interrupted.

“Here, I can help you with that if you’d like?” she enquired.

He nodded.

She walked around to stand behind him and placed her hands gently over his shoulders.  All at once he felt the soothing warmth seep through him, and he felt all his muscles, body and mind slowly melting and calming like he had never felt before.

“Are you a witch?!” he enquired.

She breathed out a chuckle “What do you mean Tim?”

“You must be to have such an effect on me, I feel like I’m sinking warmly into the ground!”

“All I am doing is showing you what is possible.  When you let go, trust, open your heart and become one with yourself and all the calming energies around you, good things can happen.  Are you OK with this?”

“Absolutely, please keep going, I am loving this already” he replied with more enthusiasm than he felt for a long while.

“That’s lovely.  I am just pleased to be able to assist you with this.  It is such an important ability.  Like me, if you practise this daily, you can more easily access it, feel it and be it for yourself”

“Oh that’s exciting” he replied dreamily.

“Slowly take a deep breath, and then a long slow exhalation as you look down, this can help you connect with your body.”  She advised.

“Now… be aware of everything you sense.  Notice what you feel, hear, smell, see, taste.  Let your mind drift, thank it for any thought that may arise, then let them just float away for now.”

He took a slow relaxing deep breath in, then out, and was surprised by how energising he was starting to feel.

“Relax and ask the bicarb angel for help.  Allow her to be herself and guide you.” Barbara advised.

“She has the ability to find hot spots in your body.  These are places where your mind and body holds any tension or distressing thoughts or memories.” She explained.

On a side note she added “this is similar to that game you were playing.” 

“The smooth flow of energy along the wire”, she continued, “is like the flow in your mind and body of its energy, blood, liquids, messages, food etc.”

“The conductor wand relates to any distressing thoughts, memories or injuries that may affect you.  When these things touch your flow they can either affect you briefly, build up, or get stuck to block that flow.  These then in turn can create heat, restricting the flow causing problems, hence the hot spot, like that loud annoying bzzzzzing sound drawing your attention that something is wrong.”

“Ahhh” he calmly replied, understanding. 

She continued… “So the skill we practise is to notice when a disruption is happening, starting to build up.  We pay attention to where our bicarb angel has flown to, to show us that place that needs our awareness.  This enables us to tune into, and hence tune up our senses to notice this most easily the more we practise.”

“When we notice her there, we can observe her shake herself.  She can then sprinkle her magical bicarb over that spot, the acidic disruptor, to then alkalise, sooth and calm it.  Her bicarb then soaks up all the nasties, the thoughts feelings and waste that doesn’t belong there.” 

hydrating water lifeforce

She winks and chuckles… “We of course do our bit by ensuring we drink enough pure filtered water to help all that waste then wash away and be clean once again.”

“Now you have a go… ready… ask for her help, imagine her helping you with what you need, this asking for help, can activate her.”

All at once, the angel sprung to her dazzling bright self.

“Watch and observe how your mind and body responds to her sprinkling her bicarb over wherever you are needing flow, over your whole being.”  She suggested.

He did so, and started noticing many things that he was surprised he hadn’t noticed before.  After she sprinkled over an area of his neck, he felt himself straighten and feel more comfortable. 

He noticed her sprinkle over his belly, and was able to relax a knot of nervous tension that was hiding in there, from the concern of hurting Barbara from his earlier outburst. 

He noticed there was a little niggle palpation in his heart which he was having difficulty relaxing and clearing.  In the back of his mind, and a deep feeling down in his gut told him this was something to seek more assistance with.  An imagine of his kinesiologist came to mind and he knew there must be something emotional he needed to clear and understand, in addition to his current treatment he was having, in order for true healing to occur. 

And all at once he understood.

He began to know what he could clear for himself, and what he needed assistance with, in order to prevent things from building and blocking his system’s flow. 

He then even began to notice all the magical possibilities he was capable of himself once his whole system, his whole self was clean and refreshed.

“Thank you!” he spoke to the 2 ladies present.

“Thank you for listening to us and most importantly yourself” they replied in unison, both beaming with delight.

From this day forth, Tim practised these skills daily with the help of his beautiful bicarb angel and others.

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So, I hope you found this story, my loving creation, entertaining and insightful.

Remember… your bicarb angel is always there in your imagination to help you physically understand what you need to do, and when to get some help physically AND emotionally to dissolve your acidic waste…

If you feel yourself tensing, or may be you don’t feel the tension building, she can help you to notice it…

Its like she can fly around the wire with you, and can soothe any bzzzzz when your hand wobbles the wand on the wire to relax into the moment and not over-concentrate to anxiety.

She can help to warm and comfort you in the darkest of times to shine a light to what to do.

Ask for help when needed.

There has been a great deal of research into how bicarb of soda can help our bodies, environment and cleaning, enjoy your exploring to keeping yourself alkaline.

A beautiful essential oil I use to help neutralise smells, is Purification from Young Living. I put about 4-5drops into my diffuser with the correct amount of water, turn it on & smell the freshness everywhere. I also sprinkle some onto a tissue when out and about to smell fresh or refresh clothes in a spray bottle. If you’d like to know more about using oils, email me & I can offer some guidance to your needs.

Feel free to contact me to assist and help your system find what it needs. It is a good idea to always keep an eye on the levels of toxicity in our systems. If we are deficient in a particular mineral, this can lead to more difficulty detoxifying. Dr Schuessler mineral salts is a go to of mine to help to rebalance mine, my family and my clients’ systems. I use the German brand practitioner salts along with facial and body signs and kinesiology to help identify which ones may be deficient, to restore balance in our magical systems.

I wish you well in your wellness journey, and I thank all my amazing clients, friends and family.  All of you who have read my lovingly crafted newsletters each month; willingly accepted my assistance and suggestions; and most importantly sought to improve your own and your family’s wellbeing during the course of this year.  I applaud you.

We all learn so much from each and everyone of us.

Thank you!

Wishing you all a clean and joyful 2023.

Mandy x

glass bead baby, creative kinesiologist
I hand crafted this beautiful heart bead baby, I can handcraft unique healing beads for your needs too

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