Your Magical Santa Land guided Christmas calming relaxation

Keep Calm with the Magic “Spelling” of Christmas

Keep calm at Christmas guided visualisations

Christmas “spells” the importance of the little things to take a moment for…

C… is for Christmas Cheer!   Every day take a moment to ensure you laugh.  Enjoy something genuinely funny, avoiding sarcasm and judgement of yourself and others.  Replay a funny memory for yourself or share it with someone.  Laugh at something you’ve done or said in a nice way!  Watch a comedy, etc.

Tips… Slowly take in a big deep breath down to the bottom of your lungs, in through your nose, and filling up your whole lungs like the big man himself!… hold it… then focus on your belly, and let out that big belly laugh!  Vibrating fully from your belly, noticing how this feels inside and out 😊 Go on… do another one just for fun!  (See also my video on refreshing whole lung deep breathing)

H…  is for Helping.  Every day take a moment to give a little help to anyone in need.  Open the door for someone (keeping your 1.5m distance!), carry something for someone (not onto aeroplanes or into strange buildings though!!), offer a kind caring supportive word (or 2!) to someone, gift a meaningful compliment.  If you like something about someone, then say or show it, it’s nice to show someone you see them. 
What sometimes gets overlooked or forgotten, of course is helping ourselves!  When we pay attention to ourselves, and give our mind, body and soul what we need, our energy and joy reserves are able to increase.  By “putting our oxygen masks on first”, ensures we have enough energy and headspace to then help others with a genuine sense of love.  When we are true to ourselves and live from the heart, it will help others to be able to do the same, as they will see the self love reflected out to others, ensuring we don’t drain our precious reserves from continually giving everything!  Help yourself, encourage yourself, support yourself… because you’re worth it!

Tips… Look for the positive in every situation.  
Take time to notice your own needs however you relate to them. 
Notice what you enjoy and maintains that warm glow within. 
If you have difficulty with something or are getting overwhelmed, ask for help.  If asking for help is uncomfortable for you, start small, and ask for someone’s help with something you aren’t so attached to.  This then helps you to build your ability to trust they can do it as well as you, or maybe relax your standards so its OK if its slightly different to how you usually do it or how you imagined.  Focus on what is important in life… health and energy, so you can enjoy your own for what you truly love, not what you feel you “should” be doing.
Listen, hear and feel positive words, actions, compliments and kindness. 
Identify the goodness in yourself, then it can honestly reflect out to others without draining you – again… put your oxygen mask on first! 

Keep calm at Christmas guided visualisations

R… is for Rudolph!  Every day take a moment to feel the bravery and courage of this little Reindeer for yourself!  You too can dig deep to muster the strength to do what you need to do that maybe a little scary, to pull ahead and lead at dizzying heights!  You may need to resolve a conflict, return some goods, or get something done you find uncomfortable.

Tips… Imagine you are Cinderella in her beautiful blue sparkly dress and your fairy Godmother has waved her magic wand so you can receive and feel the warmth and strength of courage within, to live by her philosophy… “Be Kind and Have Courage”.  Then go forth and do your task!
Imagine you are Luke Skywalker, and you are balancing Yoda on your shoulders as you train to become a Jedi, focus on your connection to the force within your belly, to hold yourself firm and confident and powerful as you go on your quest for doing what you need/want to.
Download my themed relaxation experiences to connect to your core to feel calm and empowered.  Maybe start with my free “Be The Star You Are – Relax Into Your Glowing Centre” Relaxation.

I… is for Investing Time.  Every day take a moment to invest some time for yourself.  Yes I hear you, time maybe limited due to family or work commitments.  However, by being aware of the need to have a good balance of work, rest and leisure, you are effectively allowing the space for it and creating some time even if a little at the begining. 

Tips… sit in a chair for a minimum of 2mins, aim for an easy 2, so its more achievable to start doing it every day.  This exercises that “practise muscle” for “practise makes permanent” setting yourself up to be able to easily do it.  Even if it’s just you sitting on the toilet!  Find a time where you have a moment to sit down for yourself.  Close your eyes, and gently imagine your whole body getting heavy, like your muscles are dropping down to the floor, scan your whole body, from your feet, all the way up through your extremities and torso up to the top of your head.
If you feel warm, you may like to imagine you are an iceberg at the North Pole, melting from the top of your head down.  
If you feel cool, you may like to imagine gently immersing yourself into warm Elf Land “hot springs” water.  Use whatever you feel comfortable with, this is yours and you know what you like. 
If you don’t know what you like, just have a go at one, its all about starting it.  As Yoda says… “Do or do not, there is no try!!”

S… is for Singing.  Every day take a moment to Sing a Christmas Carol!  Or just make a tuneful noise, hopefully singing, however humming is enough… any way of making a heart felt sound out of your mouth is enough.  Relax to allow the vibration through every part of your body and feel the zing throughout.  Blockages may get stuck in our bodies from past physical, emotional or environmental traumas in any part of us.  It is amazing how vibrations by making sounds, may shift and release some of these, have a go! 

Tips… Have a go at tuning into your body, notice a part of your body that maybe calling for your attention now by any means, tingling, discomfort, temperature, etc. 
Now… stay focused on your centre, your core, your middle inside yourself, along with the area that is drawing your attention now…
Start to Sing a Christmas Carol, or make any sound, and see if you can make a specific tune or sound where you feel the vibration in that area.  
Gently observe yourself physically and emotionally and notice what happens. 
Have a go at a range of sounds and direct them into the place that is needing attention. 
Remember, always be gentle, and you may experience an emotional response, that’s OK.  Let it out gently being kind to yourself and forgiving yourself for holding onto it. 
If you find you get stuck with anything, and maybe need some help to shift it, then book a session, don’t dwell or stay stuck within it.  Elf Mandy is of course happy to work through it with you to change the negatives into positives and feel calmer and comfortable.  The aim is to create space and lightness within and understand yourself to be able to be your true self.

T… is for Thankful.  Every day take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life.  For your health, relationships, the air, the water, the electricity, the animals, the shelter, Christmas Festive Fun, the easily available food you don’t have to go out a hunting for! Etc, etc… 

Tips… Take a moment as you are washing your hands or drinking water, to feel the texture of it, hear it trickling, taste the refreshing hydration of it & thank the Earth, the sky, the water, the whole process of getting that water to you wherever you are. 
Notice where you feel the element of water. 
Do the same with the other elements or other aspects of how you have got to where you are now, who you have shared wonderful memories and love with. 
Do not forget to thank your “teachers”, those who know how to push your buttons!  Friends, family, shop assistants, politicians, etc!  They have, and do teach us what we may not be feeling comfortable about, hence, they teach us what area we can focus on to feel better within, and reduce our negative reactions/retorts, and instead be able to communicate and live freely and calmly.  Let’s thank them for helping us to grow (aiming not to grit your teeth lol)!

M… is for Mandy!  Don’t forget to book in your session with Elf Mandy to feel lighter and calmer throughout the sometime crazy, busy, and hopefully fun time of the year and New Year! Lol!  Or gift yourself (or loved ones) with a calming entertaining guided downloadable themed relaxation; currently available; the “Regency Ball Experience” a Jane Austen theme gentile magical relaxation; your “Be the Star you Are” a already unwrapped Christmas gift from Elf Mandy; and a one to raise those Christmas Spirits with “Your Magical Santa Land”, a calming magical adventure relaxation.  For those who are fans of, and love Harry Potter and Star Wars, they are next on the list to upload, “hmmm… let you know when they are “magically” completed, I will” 😉Christmas Relaxation, Santa, Kinesiology, Relaxation

Tips… I am available for mind body calming and connecting, personal development, or gentle nourishing relaxation sessions in person or on-line.  You can email me or phone/text me to chat about how I can help you calm your mind and body and feel overall calm, light and centred.  Have a look around my website for tips for health and how I work.  I look forward to helping you calm your world!

A… is for Amazing!  Every day take a moment to be aware of how amazing your body mind and soul truly are.  Notice how your body moves you around, allows you to breathe, taste, hear, see, smell, digest, communicate, magically repairs from trauma and injury, our bodies truly are our own little miracle machines! 

Tips… We of course need to look after them by resting, pacing ourselves, eating a variety of natural rainbow foods to fuel our systems, and 2-3litres of filtered water to lubricate all our brain and body cells. 
And of course, minimising stressful foods, drinks, and behaviours – See more information on healthy living.
Notice one part of your body and watch as it moves, feel it as it moves, and image all the processes involved for it to be magically in existence.
Again, being kind and true to ourselves to keep our energies and vibrations up, keep that light inside shining people, so it can shine out & light our way and lift others up just by being near them (without draining your(s)Elf)!!

S… is for Smile.  Every day take a moment to gather and lift all your facial muscles up and let that mouth curve into a beautiful smile, it can be very infectious!  Let the smile warm your chest and reach your eyes, to feel that glow inside and out.

Tips… have a look in the mirror, look into your eyes and then smile at yourself.  Notice how you feel, and if you are able to look at yourself.  Notice one thing about yourself that you like the look of or enjoy about your personality and say it out loud (to yourself or into your phone if you don’t want strange looks from others!).  Smile into it.  Do this everyday to spread those infectious smiles 😊

Wishing you a Magical Christmas and New Year however you are spending it this year, may you feel the joy and love within and around you always.

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