The Regency Ball Experience – Relax into Jane Austen’s world with Mandy Wheen


You shall go to the Regency Ball!  Stop playing hide and seek with your calm inner world, be the heroine of your life, to feel elegant like Emma, confident like Lizzie, or innocent like Mr Bingley!  Be gently guided into your romantic magical inner world to feel revitalised and whole again…


You shall go to the Regency Ball!  Introductory special just for you during this festive season…

This delightful relaxation experience gifts you with…
Chapter 1.  Welcoming Words… 2m 16s
Chapter 2.  The Regency Ball Experience… 22m 42s
Chapter 3.  Thank you for listening… 1m 56s

Stop playing hide and seek with your calm inner world, be the heroine of your life, to feel elegant like Emma, confident like Lizzie, or innocent like Mr Bingley!  The choice is yours! 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go a real life Regency era spectacular Ball?  Well, this is your chance to find yourself (in many ways!) within such a place.  It is a chance to try on an exquisite outfit, designed and fitted especially to your own body.  In your own imagination, you can be who your heart wishes you to be, and then return with those qualities, to integrate them into your daily life.  Don’t we all wish for a little fun and cheekiness from time to time?  And to be able to add a dash of daily fun and pleasure into either yours or someone else you care for’s day however we can?

Daily modern life can be so terribly overwhelming at times don’t you think?  So now is time to indulge yourself and your loved ones with the gift to be magically transported into nourishing pages of your very own romantic Jane Austen World!

I have created this romantic relaxation experience, to provide an opportunity for you all to be able to self sooth your daily stressors yourself within your own home, or in an environment you find yourself.  This therefore, reduces the need to hail a carriage from a rich relative and travel much distance on a daily basis to find peace and tranquillity from a very talented Therapist (wink wink).  It gives you the opportunity to enjoy an enriching romantic adventure, whilst melting away troublesome thoughts or feelings from their hiding places within your mind and body to feel calm, empowered and comfortable.  Of course, nothing is more enlightening and soothing than a wonderful Integrated Therapy attentive session from your friendly Holistic Kinesiologist!  (yet another wink wink!)

By gifting yourself this special themed relaxation experience, allows you to step into your magical inner world and feel revitalised and whole again.  What are you waiting for my dear, the Ball awaits you…

Experiencing relaxation is of upmost importance to enable our cherished bodies and minds to relax.  Relaxation has been proven to have many benefits; it allows our system to digest our delicious and nutritious food intake; and it also encourages detoxification to cleanse out all our pipes and most cherished organs.

It is not helpful when we constantly continue to go go go, and feel like we are drowning in overwhelming and busy busy lives, impacting our minds, bodies and souls.  So I insist you gift yourself time to relax on a regular daily basis, for anything from 2 minutes, up to 1 hour of deep full body relaxation.  This will provide your muscles the necessary time to feel like they are dropping off your bones in a most comfortable manner!  Allowing your muscles to release any tension and tightness that maybe troubling them, along with the built up and accrued unwanted waste products.  After all, isn’t our aim in life to have spectacularly clean and sparkly insides, with which to allow for the same to be shown on our outsides.  The more relaxed we feel ourselves, then allows for others to recognise and feel this when they are indeed around our calming nature, hence helping those we care for.

There has been many talented intellectual individuals who have spent time and effort researching this topic of relaxation, so who are we to argue with this basic need for our bodies?  I urge you to partake in this activity, and experience the benefits for yourself.  After all, we all wish for the wonderful gift to feel calm and comfortable every day, so do begin your journey for the sake of the children! (and yourself of course, apologies I could not resist that little meaningful cheeky chuckle here!)

So now you are fully ready to embrace this for yourself… do find yourself a most comfortable position, be it sitting or lying down comfortably.  Please allow yourself this time, even if it is a mere moment on the peaceful surrounds of the lavatory, or anywhere you are able to get a moment to yourself!  (forgive me, alas another knowing chuckle here!)  Take measures so you will not be interrupted for the next 25minutes, disable those modern day devices as much as possible!  And allow yourself this sneaky moment to escape.

I will guide you with my relaxing voice, using your amazing imagination, to journey through your very own Regency Ball relaxing experience.   I will accompany you as you are transported from your modern day living quarters, to Jane Austen’s Era.  The tale begins in your Regency Style home, and continues through to the magnificent Regency Ball, enjoying all the details on the way.  After all, life is indeed all about the journey, not so much the destination is it not?!

This experience will of course be unique to your wonderful self because of your very own powerful imagination, and your higher self gifting you what you are needing in this very moment.  I do so find that we receive a variety of experiences when partaking in these relaxation experiences from one day to another.  This may be attributed to the nature of our varying lives and depending on our needs and our readiness to receive and notice within our own interconnected life journeys.

We are always gifted what we need, when we are needing to be gifted it, for whatever we are destined to at that time. 

So… when you are ready… don your ball attire and away we go…


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