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“The Journal of Discovery!”

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2021 a year of peaceful insides and outsides! Time for a cleansing?…

Detox, Cleanse, Mess, Kinesiology
“Oh what a mess!!!”

May I start by a full blown confession?  I am messy!

I was threatened throughout my childhood by the big scary “black bag”!  The dreaded words issuing out of my Mum’s mouth… “If you don’t tidy up your bedroom… I’ll get a black bag and put everything inside it to throw it all away”!!

Can you relate to this situation?  Or maybe you had the opposite, a parent who complained how tidy you were? (hmmm anything is possible!)  Or maybe your parent’s untidy?!  Or maybe you were on the other end of the messy room, and you were that parent (or currently are the parent!) who huffs and puffs feeling like the big bad wolf threatening to blow your child’s bedroom up if one more sock lands on the floor!!  I guess there are always 2 sides to a messy environment!

This scene played over and over, and for some reason it didn’t seem to be able to make a difference to how tidy I kept my room!!! Hmmm…  Has there been anything from your life that has repeated itself going around and around like a broken record? 

Maybe your broken record is something different?  Messy was mine, which fits in with the cleansing theme, so I’ll use this as the example.  This discovery process can work with anything really, just see what you think…

So… I invite you to just stop for a moment… grab a pen and paper, or a pencil and notepad, or whatever takes your fancy to record your awakening moments, so we start on your journey of discovery!

Journal of discovery, kinesiology, detox

Take a nice full deep breath in, filling up your lungs as they expand with Oxygenating air.  Then hold it whilst you take a snap shot of how your body is feeling right now, as you slowly and gently release every last bit of breath out of your lungs, making space for opportunities. 

Take out your imaginary radar gun and scan your body from head to toe, noticing where you feel anything…

  • any temperature difference; warmth, cool…
  • any physical sensations; tingly, tight, loose, heavy, light…
  • The size any part of you is feeling; small, big, squashed, narrow, wide, out of shape…
  • Or just any area that you are drawn to pay attention to…

Only spend a few seconds doing this,

Write down these observations; one worded notes, keep it simple 😊

If there is nothing you notice, then write “nothing noticed”, simple!

Now, remember what we have just been talking about? 

Yes… MESS!

How does your body or mind respond to this image of a room full of stuff scattered everywhere looking like a monster has just had a tantrum in the room!…

Are you the “Messer” (Messy person) or the “Messed” (person with mess in your environment)?

Where do you feel this in your body now?…

What happens to your thoughts when there is mess?

How do you feel about the other person, the “Messer” or the “Messed”?

How do you feel about yourself imagining the mess?

Of course you are writing this all down in your “Journal of Discovery” to help you unpack it all (or scrap piece of paper, whatever tickles your fancy) no judgement here, just feel, write, observe… be free to create, express and be yourself 😉

  • Is there a memory that pops into your mind?
  • Or anything you remember associated with this feeling?
  • Just spend a couple of minutes doing this, and write it all down briefly.

OK, now this is the most important part of the process…

Take your writing implement, and roll it across the table, stop it after a couple of rotations… then roll it back towards you…

Then, while keeping your head still, look down at your writing, purse your lips and say out loud “oooohhhhhh” with your eye brows raised…

Now, extend the corners of your mouth towards the top of your ears and say “aaaaahhhhh” with your raised eyebrows, allowing the smile to soften your eyes.

Now write down…  “intermission Oh & Ah”

How are you feeling now?? 

Take a moment here to briefly notice how your body is feeling now, and write these feelings down.  Record also how you felt doing the funny antics and how they have worked their magic on you!  Did you feel a sense of childlike fun and enjoyment, or did you feel like a silly clown?  No judgement here, these are all how you are feeling right now.

You’re doing great!…

Our thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, perceptions, beliefs, etc, etc, are all part of who we are.

So take a moment to appreciate this, appreciate yourself, take a moment to notice everything about yourself “the good, the bad and the ugly”… terrible saying isn’t it!  There is of course nothing “bad” or “ugly” about ourselves when we are living true to ourselves and being loving and kind to ourselves and others.  I like to say it’s as long as we purely aim to do no harm.

Now for the juicy part…

Ideally take responsibility for who you are, all those thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and of course your actions.  It is when we can do this, that we can start to make changes we wish to, to feel “cleaner” inside and out…

Being messy is part of who I am, much to my parents delight!  The important thing is I am aware of it, I have made peace with myself for having it as part of my personality.  I can laugh at myself when I notice I am being it, so being able to bring in… the importance of fun, play and lightness into life.

Realise what is important to you to be able to prioritise that…

Recognise the uncomfortable stuff… mine of course is my “messy gene”, I can then chose what I want to do about it… Ask yourself questions about it to find out how you feel about it… For example…

  • Does it help me to feel calm?
  • Does it help me find things?
  • Does it keep me safe from falling over in and around the home?
  • Can I easily keep a clean, hygienic pest free environment?
  • Where did I get this behaviour from, or how did it come to be part of me?!!  (this is where Kinesiology can assist tremendously to really get to the nitty gritty cause);  to unpack all the background to a behaviour/attitude/feeling etc; to make sense of the feelings, discomfort and/or habit; to discover how to move on from them, and “clean” up your insides, which have a knock on effect to your outsides (of your body, how it impacts others and your environment).  Gently getting information from your body’s physical feelings, emotions, muscles, movements, skin, face etc, etc.

The main question is what do you wish to do about it?  Do you want to make changes, if it is causing distress and discomfort in any way?

If the answer is YES… you are now empowered and able to be in a position to make an informed decision to do something about it.  Overall making life easier, and helping you and those around you to feel more calm and comfortable.  After all as Mahatma Ghandi most eloquently said…  

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

by the amazing Mahatma Ghandi

If the answer is NO… maybe sit with your observations for a while, increasing your awareness.  For a start take note of things around you, be more aware of your mind body and spiritual needs to see if there is anything that you wish to change to feel more comfortable and calm about.  You can have a go at the process any time… 

There is no shame in admitting something feels wrong or out of wack.  There is also no shame in seeking out assistance for those stubborn, repeating or stuck issues.  Your body will be thanking you for taking notice of it and appreciating its needs! 

I love helping all you like minded seekers of “true wellbeing”.  Those of you who appreciate the magical wonders of life, and how important it is to feel calm in your inner world to allow for rest, repair, digesting and detoxing.  To enjoy that feeling of gifting others a taste of relaxation and comfort as it magically filters it’s calming effects to loved ones and everything surrounding you. I would love to be part of you and your family’s journey to gain that calm feeling inside and out, contact me here. Here’s to living a clean life within a peaceful body 😊. 

Get to know your personality, love it!  If there is something you wish to change or improve, just give it a go, just “do it”, start by journaling your thoughts to empty your head and let it have a much needed holiday! (see my video on journaling to help make this process easier).  Goal setting is a great measure of where you are at, and also the start of manifesting, or to just give yourself some clarity or guidance in life.  This will be a good topic to talk about soon with you all, watch this space!

Goal setting, manifesting, OT, Kinesiology

So back to mess… here are some things that may help initally (I know I found them most helpful)…

Kinesiology!  The most helpful for understanding the cause, exploring how to conquer the “wastelands” and receiving support through the whole process 😊

  • Acceptance
  • Awareness
  • Determination
  • Understand your personality and ways of learning
  • Discovering what pushes your buttons to be able to change from reacting emotionally to responding in a calm manner and feeling calm whilst doing so.
  • Organising things in a fun way
  • Start with the easiest things that catch your eye, to just make a start.  Like Yoda so kindly said… “do or do not, there is no try!”

“do or do not, there is no try!”

by the wise Yoda, Star Wars!
  • Aim to do a little for a start, you’ll be amazed how much you end up doing, little bit by little bit, try not to set yourself up to fail by aiming too large & getting overwhelmed with trying to do it all!
  • Be playful
  • KonMari – Marie Kondo’s way of tidying, My overview of this method ties quite nicely along side the philosophy of Kinesiology…  By using heart felt joy and a felt sense of love to help make decisions with what to keep, & get that head out of it! (Poor head trying to do everything for you! Don’t wear it out with all the decisions in life, don’t forget your team – your gut and heart) Treat everything as living, etc.

There are many different ways to cleanse, calm and centre yourself, this is just the beginning. So… Just give it a go, I’d love to hear how you go. Watch this space for more tips and suggestions, and if there is something you would love to hear about, I’d love to hear from you. Most importantly enjoy yourselves, thank you for taking time to read & listen x

Optimus True Being, Mandy Wheen - Kinesiology Central Coast

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