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Self Care to Stay Calm During Emotional Storms!

Currently being in lockdown, I am seeing and feeling the need of many to have that essential connection with others, and the benefits of seeing someone who truly cares. 

Emotional rollercoasters appear to be running wild all over the world right now.  So… grab a cuppa, take a seat… I hope you enjoy this blooper filled, fun uplifting video chat with a bonus “powering up your system” relaxation and more!

I recommend you use earplugs or headphones to enhance the experience, to assist the sound feel like we are chatting in the comfort of your home 😊.

What is included in your grounding potion…

  • Drops of how to stay centred and calm
  • A dash of good ol’ entertaining humour
  • Mixed in with chunky bits of bloopers for a bit of a chuckle
  • Served with a grounding guided relaxation to be taken regularly
  • Finishing off with a decedent dessert at the end to tickle your creative taste buds 😉

As always, thank you so much for reading and listening to my self help creations.

Look after yourselves xo

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