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Am I Right??

“Am I Right? Am I doing the right thing? How do I do the right thing? How do I even know what the right thing is?
How on earth do I make decisions with all these options and never ending news and information at my fingertips now adays?”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it can feel like drowning in all the information and options at times!
Appearing like a statue, standing there with mouth agape, and a blank or racing mind.
Feeling unsure with maybe a sinking heart thrown into the mix, all seem to be happening more and more at the moment.

I guess the first question to be asking people RIGHT now is… are you OK?
This simple question can make a world of difference.
It may start a conversation to enable someone to start talking, acknowledge and open up to how they are truly feeling.
To connect to someone and show you care.
Are they feeling ALRIGHT or not?
Having recently completed my Mental Health First Aid Course, the main take away message was to be present for someone in need.

And of course to be able to be present for someone we care for… what do we need first and foremost…
Am I alright?!
I love the analogy of firstly ensuring your bucket is full before you start giving to others, or you are trying to give from an empty space!
The importance of providing self nourishment first, to be able to genuinely care for someone.
Put your Oxygen mask on first.
Give to yourself what you wish others to give you.
All are many great analogies pretty much saying the same thing…
Look after yourself! Do the right thing!

So… talking about the Right thing…
I thought you may enjoy an uncut video of me speaking from my heart again.
After all… connection and comfort is an important basic human need which may be a little thin on the ground currently.
So… I invite you to have a few chuckles with me/at me as you join me pondering the big question of how do I know what feels right.
Included in the mixture are some techniques I find helpful.

Grab a cuppa, a comfy seat, or stand and join in some movements as you watch and listen to this month’s entertainment.
This is your time, do your right thing!
There is a nice big bag of info here to dip into…
So… I hope you find something to help you connect to your deep sense of what is right for you now…

As always, thank you so much for taking some of your valuable time to spend it with me on this journey. I hope you have gained at least one useful gem for your journey towards becoming and living peacefully in your truth. It is an honour to be able to provide online calming and stress releasing sessions towards finding some inner peace and feeling right as the amazing soul you are.

**Disclaimer: Always consult your healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns regarding your health.  Any information on this site is for information only and is not to replace any advice from your healthcare practitioner.  Your health is your responsibility, treasure it like the gift it is.**

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