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Posture Play

We can learn so much just by playing. There is an abundance of research to show that when kids play and use their imagination whilst playing, they can learn so much easier. When we use our personality and true nature, we are more relaxed, and it has been shown by many researchers that a relaxed brain, body and environment leads to optimising all our abilities.

When we play with our posture, we can find out loads about ourselves. Again, with the research… Amy Cuddy in her TED talk, identifies how just by putting our hands on our hips (like a superperson pose!) for a couple of minutes per day, produces a chemical reaction for us to actually feel empowered. You are doing it now aren’t you? lol, go ahead, free yourself and have a play!

So, enough of the research, its playtime… sit back, enjoy using your imagination with this little festive playful posture story and I hope it helps you with your posture in some magical way…

“Knock, knock”… Harold heard.

‘Who could this be knocking on my front door?’ he wondered to himself as he turned the handle, and got thrown backwards as a gust of wind pushed the door open.

He managed to upright himself as he looked out into the blizzard, seeing only white as he screwed his eyes tight against the cold. 

Then, out of the storm came a small voice as clear as a bell “can Posture come out to play please?”

Posture you say?” as he searched the entrance looking for the owner of the voice.  “What on Earth do you mean little one?” he replied as he screwed up his face further, continuing his search.

He caught his reflection in the mirror next to the door, and gave a slight start.  He hardly recognised the face staring back at him all creased up with bloodshot eyes and hair sticking up at odd angles.  He quickly adjusted his face to a gentler more welcoming appearance, and attempted to flatten his untameable hair.  When he turned back to resume his search, there was still no one to be found.

‘That’s peculiar’ he exclaimed to himself, taking once last peer out before using all his might to push the door closed.

He stood for a little while chewing his lip and rubbing his creased brow.

Once more, he caught his reflection in the mirror…

‘Right oh chap’ he spoke to the mirror, once more smoothing out his face and allowing his brow to relax as his thoughts returned to all the things he had planned for the day.

He was about to take a step and get on with it all, when he heard another “knock, knock”, only this time it was louder.   

He about turned, faced the door, and used both hands to open the door this time.

The same small voice rang in his ear… “can Posture please come out to play?”

Feeling slightly puzzled as his eyes almost disappeared between his cheeks and forehead peering out against the cold, he was still unable to find the owner of the voice.

Then the strangest thing happened which made him nearly jump out of his skin…  His reflection gazing back at him not only held his head, but now showed his whole upper body as well!  The mirror had magically grown!  He stood in total shock, staring wide eyed at himself.

Now Harold wasn’t in the habit of using this mirror, however he had always kept it there because his Mother had given it to him and placed it there herself.  She had always encouraged him to check himself over before opening the door to ensure he presented himself well to any callers.  Never was it this big before!

What brought him back to his senses, was a feeling that something had just rushed past him and into his home, leaving tiny snowy footprints on the floral carpet. 

“What the?”  he exclaimed gazing around, feeling his heart speed up.

“I say, excuse me, who goes there?” he called in the direction of the footprints… No Answer…

A strange stillness then came over his house, and Harold appeared to be frozen on the spot.

He was stuck in front of his mirror, staring at himself.  So… as he couldn’t do anything else… he stared.  He then realised that this was probably the first time he had ever done so in his life.  As he stared, he noticed something very unusual… a glow was beginning to appear in the mirror like a blue spot light.  It began at his mouth, where it appeared to have shrunk in size in his puzzled state.  It then moved to highlight his brow, showing him all the creases where his eyebrows were almost touching.   What happened next was astounding… as the blue light shone upon his eyes, what he saw staring back at him, clear as day was… the ability to see how he was feeling.  He could literally see in his eyes, how he appeared… scared, confused and curious all at the same time. 

That wasn’t all.  In this stillness, he couldn’t help but notice a deep pounding in his ears, he felt his heart was racing, and his palms wet with sweat.  Then, as if by magic, he found himself being slowly turned on the spot, however his eyes remained locked onto his reflection. 

When he was side on to the mirror, the spot light glowed up his shoulders, neck, and lower back.  As he watched, it spread across his whole chest, and started to pulse, 5, 6, 7, 8, it kept going like it was trying to tell him something. 

As the pulse continued, he started to feel his chest moving as if his whole chest was growing and shrinking, getting warmer in the glow.  He watched the glow moving from his chest, to his shoulders, to his neck, down his back to his lower back, then back up again, all the while he could feel that particular part of his body expanding and contracting where the light pulsed.  The more he focused on his body as it relaxed and warmed, the brighter the glow became, until it was now a warm golden glow like a pulsing beacon over his chest.

He had quite forgotten about his little visitor, until he did a very slow blink.  When he opened his eyes, there it was, reflected in the mirror, looking quite comfortable on his back. 

“What’s going on?” he said as he realised he was able to move by himself once more.  He was turning his head from side to side, trying to get a good look at the little fellow, without succeeding to.  Although in the reflection, this green and red clad chap appeared to be having a whale of a time, laughing and waving a candy cane above his head, which Harold vaguely remembered hanging one just like it on his Christmas tree earlier. 

Giving up, when Harold realised he was in no danger, he stopped moving.  The strangest thing occurred to him… he felt taller, he felt more relaxed (even with someone playing around on his back), his shoulders were straight, his neck was in line with his spine, this was the best he had felt in many years.  “By Jove!” he exclaimed, “I believe you have helped my posture”!

All at once, the creature disappeared, the door closed, there was no sign of the snowy footprints, and Harold could once more hear his Christmas music playing in the background.  It was like nothing had just happened!

Harold stood still… bewildered, wondering if he had just imagined the whole thing!  As if in a dream, he wandered into his lounge room and low and behold, his one and only candy cane was indeed missing from his tree!

He now understood that the little creature had been asking him that question earlier at his door.  That, it was his posture that had come out to play!  Giving him the chance to spend time with and notice his body’s posture.  By playing with this warm pulsing glowing golden light, he had energised his body where it was needed, and felt relaxed, warm and cosy, how magical! 

From this day forward, he always ensured he allowed himself time to listen to and play with his posture.  Every time he saw his special mirror or a candy cane, he’d have a little chuckle, then check himself over.  He would image the pulsing of the warming glow energising and relaxing his body wherever it was asked for, as his heart glowed with joy being in his playful comfortable body.

glass bead babies, creative kinesiologist

Harold has shared his story with us because it is his Christmas wish that we can all spend time from this day forward to listen and play with our own posture and feel comfortable.  He has given us the present of his warm pulsing golden glow to use anytime we need to, wherever, whenever we are, whenever we gaze at ourselves lovingly in mirrors or see candy canes!

So from Harold and me, we wish you and your families a warm energising comfortable Christmas and a magical New Year!  Enjoy opening up to yourselves, relaxing, expanding, elongating, filling your full height and space, being centred and magical just as you are, as you are able to remain comfortable as yourself amongst all the festivities. x

Ps… I hope you enjoyed the images of my little ‘bead baby’ glass bead creations, embracing my creativity, energising my abdomen and sacral chakra.

glass bead baby, creative kinesiologist

Amy Cuddy’s TED talk “Your body language may shape who you are” (TEDGlobal 2012)

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