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The Power of Play

I would like to start with a wonderful quote from the amasing Einstein…

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

Albert Einstein

This month, I feel the importance of play. Are you game? Do you agree that imagination is the key to unlocking a lot of our own hidden secrets? Maybe you will be more equipped to answer this at the end.

Grab yourself some taste of heaven, berry nice ice cream, my new delicious recipe, staying warm of course on this side of the world! (You might like to wait for the delicious popcorn recipe next time for something more warming – do you see a bit of a naturally sweet treat theme?!). Or just grap yourself a nice warming cup of herbal tea to play…

Rules of the game…

  • Firstly… see how you feel as you read each description below.
  • Secondly… Be aware if you have any of these characters yourself.
  • Thirdly… Notice which characteristics repel you or attract you.
  • Fourthly… Have a go at putting yourself into their poses/descriptions and see how that makes you feel.  Maybe look into the mirror with each of these poses.
  • And lastly… See if you can name who or what they are.

You might like to record your findings from a physical and emotional angle, either by journaling down on paper, or drawing it with colour and textures, or simply speaking it into a recording device.

Which Superhero am I?

1… I find myself standing with my hands on my hips, my head is held high and comfortable on my neck and shoulders. 
My chest feels expanded and open, fully supported on my straight and powerful back. 
My feet are set apart about a hip’s width and firmly rooted to the soft lush earth that I am standing on. 
My vision is wide, expansive and relaxed. 
The wind is gently blowing onto my skin and all through my hair. 
I feel the comfortable weight of my golden truth extracting whip sitting easily on my hip. 
I feel the cool fitted golden metal protectively covering my wrists and forearms. 
I am feeling powerful.

Who am I?

2… I am standing firmly ontop of a high-rise building. 
My fists are clenched and my hands are resting strongly on my hips. 
My head is held high, my shoulders are wide and broad ontop of my muscular chest. 
My eyes are scanning the horizon as I listen for anyone in need of help. 
My jaw is relaxed, wide, feels strong and I feel the wind touch it, then flutter through my cape, flowing over the rest of my fitted protective suit. 
I am feeling ready to spring into action.

Who am I?

3… My eyes feel soft and sparkly as I knowingly gaze around at my people and my enchanted forest.
The gentle pressure of the intricate metal adorning my head reminds me of my duties. 
My delicate white gown flows as I walk purposefully around as if on air, with my shoulders wide and my heart warm and open. 
I hear the thoughts and needs of my people and my forest clearly in my mind easily when I need to.
I feel the power always there flowing through my veins, awaiting its call to action. 
I am at peace.

Who am I?

4… I am small with minimal clothes adorning my body because I do not feel the cold. 
My eyes are large and see all. 
I feel a sense of honour warm and expand my chest and heart whenever I perform duties for my great sir.  
I know I am more powerful than him, however I am whole and complete by being myself and performing duties when asked. 
I feel the power as I click my fingers to enable me to do wonderous things during daily chores. 
I am fulfilled.

Who am I?

5… I sit still and peacefully in my own little body as if I do not exist separate to the universe. 
I feel the power pulsing through my body connecting me with everything. 
I spring into action when absolutely necessary with precision and speed that is unexpected for my size and stature. 
I feel the throng of the object in my hand as the heat almost burns and blinds me, acting as one together. 
I find comfort knowing that I do not know everything.

Who am I?…

Becoming your own hero…

Now is the time to introduce you to a fun way of gaining insight to your own needs and inner guidance system.  This link and the image below takes you a place of learning and a journey of discovery inwards, towards your own powerful set of skills to explore and find your treasure within.

relaxation, becoming your hero, superhero, skills

What Bach Flower Essence am I?

I am generally brave, strong, reliable as a tree should, and have a strong sense of duty. 
I am helpful to others. 
I will not allow myself to relax if there is work to be done, instead I may struggle on obstinately when over-tired. 
I possess enormous endurance, persistence, patience and reserves of energy, and can stand up to a good deal of stress. 
This remedy can therefore assist to restore energy and helps them to recognise the time to rest and relax to take a well-deserved rest, in order to regain their inner strength.

What Essential Oil am I?

I am a berry that changes over 3 years from green to blue and then black.
I grow on heaths, moorland, mountain slopes, and in coniferous forests.
I am a powerful tonic of the body’s warming and stimulating yang energy, especially of the kidney-yang.
I am both a diuretic and lymphatic decongestant.
I benefit chronic tiredness, cold hand and feet, lower back-ache and oedema (fluid retention).
I have powerful aromatic decongestant abilities, ridding cold dampness to help rid abdominal distention, obesity and arteriosclerosis.
I can therefore be applied in a base cream to assist oily skin (as a result of this congestion) together with lavender and cedarwood oils.
I can aid spiritual purification, shift/move psychological stagnation, as well as the power to drive out negative influences.
I can help reduce worry and self-absorption that is due to a fear of failure.
I aim to restore determination to overcome life’s obstacles and replace stasis and isolation with movement and openness.
Mars from an astrological sense relates to me, being instinctive confidence and fire.
(Contact Mandy to experience the beautiful pure scents of Young Living Oils for yourself)

What Dr Schuessler tissue salt am I?

I am useful for the first stage of inflammation/illness/slight fever (up to <38.5degrees) and weakened immune defence.
I am an important substance for infections and injuries.
I can help with oxygen uptake, blood loss, diarrhoea or constipation.
If you catch colds easily or are often ill, I can help
If you lose concentration easily or tire quickly I can help.
(Contact Mandy if you are curious to find out what deficiency signs your body may be showing you to then get what it needs)

You will find all the answers at the very bottom 😉

Playing with creating my first glass smurf bead baby!

I hope you found this a fun way of exploring your feelings and needs. 
Thank you for playing, and I’d love to hear how you went by commenting or sending me an email.
I also hope you enjoyed my insightful fun relaxation adventure to gain more of your own special skills.
I wish you a sense of fun, peace, power (this is always a great topic to explore!), knowing, and fulfilment. 
All the best with getting to know your true powerful self. x


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(Wonderwoman, Batman, Lady Galadriel (Fae Queen from Lord of the rings), Dobby (the “free” house elf from Harry Potter), Yoda (from Star Wars) 
(Oak Bach Flower Essence) 
(Juniper Essential Oil)
(Ferrum Phospate 12x potency)

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