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A Helpful Tune

I am very pleased to share with you my special birthday gift I received this month.. the gift to play with pure healing sound every day.

May I present… my brand new Applied Kinesiology Tuning Forks…

They are skilfully crafted in the USA, and are tuned in to each of the 14 meridians we have flowing through our body. They sound devine, and the sense they produce is like being soothed in a relaxing pool of peace and tranquility. When activated, they send a deep vibration frequency flowing into the specific meridian that is calling to be realigned.

So to experience the benefit of these sound healing beauties, I am offering integrated deep relaxation sessions.  Allow yourself to zone out as your system gets a tune up as the powerful vibrations penetrate deeply in to mind body and soul.  Giving your system the chance to rest, digest, and detox your way to health and wellbeing.  It is time to treat yourself and your loved ones.  Now is the time to be able to receive a sense of peace and tranquility.

On a topic of receiving, I would like to address something essential…

To help or not to help, THAT is the Question!!!

Are you a helper?

Do you see a need and want to help someone to fill that need?  Or are you always aiming to stop someone else either experiencing a negative emotion or feeling bad in any way?

Would you wish to prevent someone from learning the hard way like you may have done?  Or do you wish to save someone time and effort to reach a goal, by gifting them how to do it?  Or may be you are on the wavelength of needing others to go through something because you had to?

At the end of the day, do you feel like people take all you have to offer, or do you experience them rejecting your offers constantly?  Both either leaving you exhausted from trying so hard or exhausted from wishing and pushing so hard?  Sometimes it is helpful to take a step back so the whole picture presents itself fully to you, rather than letting the film stop, get stuck in one piece, resulting in the heat building and burning a hole through that one moment of your film, and smelling the putrid plastic lingering smell?!

I guess the same can be said in life, when we get so invested in helping someone for example our focus is taken away from what really matters…

Helping ourselves.

Do you know someone who when observing someone put themselves first, may respond by “how selfish” or “they are full of themselves”?

I remember many years ago, when exploring this with a client, she correlated this to mother Teresa.  She recalled her being asked how she could eat when so many people in the world are starving.  Her reply was simple… “how would I be able to help so many others when I myself are starving”.

Are you able to fill your bucket first before you are able to give to others? 

It’s self reflection Play time…

I would like you to grab a pen and paper as you take one large imaginary step back, as you are more able to see the whole picture.  Then… ask yourself…

Am I compelled to help others?

If so, why am I compelled to help others?

What drives me to always help others?

Why do I need to help others?


What would happen if I did not help others?

How would it affect me if I couldn’t help others?

Will my receiver be better or worse without my help?

Do others really need my help or are they here to find ways to explore all possible solutions themselves and learn whatever it is for themselves?

Am I just here to be with them for support and offer a kind word or two to guide them on their path of awareness? If so… can I do it?  Or is there something stopping me, preventing me, do I feel horrible if I try?

Do I pick up on subtle cues from others or do they need to spell it out to me?

Do I need to ‘save’ people?

Do others need ‘saving’?

Why would they need saving in a situation?

Is there something they are lacking which means they require ‘saving’?  If so, what would that be?

Now, we are talking about generally day to day welfare in some situations, not in a dangerous life threatening situation, or… is there a difference?

What would a person for example in a bullying situation need?  Both, the bullied and the one doing the bullying?  Is there something the bullied person would benefit from being to prevent being a target?  On the other hand, is there something the ‘bully’ is needing for themselves?  Why do they NEED to bully?  What are they missing out feeling for themselves within, resulting in a NEED to bully?

Do I step in too much and try to either protect or help someone when what they really NEED is to build their own confidence and courage, self esteem up for themselves so they do not NEED assistance?

Do I tend to find myself in a lot of situations where I get hurt or NEED rescuing?  Does the person who then rescues me, NEED me to be in NEED, or is it me wanting them to help me?

Am I capable of doing things for myself but something is stopping me?

Do I put myself down in order to help others to feel better in some way?

So many questions!  You are doing fabulous, nearly there…

I believe to have a go at answering all of these questions and realising how we behave in a certain way, can lead us out of the NEED to be either helped or the NEED to help others.

When we can understand our NEED to do something, we can then release that firm grip on it, so the tension and heat can reduce and dissipate, to be replaced with neutral flow, and our film can then be allowed to smoothy run and we are able to help people when the situation opens up or when they ASK for help.  So it is avoiding a strong negative emotion behind that NEED and we can just easily ASK, GIVE or RECEIVE help with no strings attached. 

Resulting in a smooth flow honest interaction without guilt, fear, security, worth, reduction in value, perfection etc.

Of course, on the other hand, are we able to ask for help when we truly need it?  The same goes for that, why wouldn’t we be able to ask, what is preventing the asking… pride comes before a fall & all that!  What stops us from being honest with ourself?  What are we missing out on being comfortable with?

Limiting beliefs

Finding our own limiting beliefs can be very powerful.  When we understand what limits us from being true to ourselves, that invisible force compelling us to either do something or avoid something, can help us to set ourselves free from sabotage. 

Have you ever experienced when striving for something important, it can frustratingly remain at arms length no matter how much determination is used?  Holistic Kinesiology is awesome to assist with this.  We have an array of targeting tools to seek and destroy these limiting beliefs out of our system and free us up to be comfortable within our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual amasing systems. 

When we begin to understand ourselves and how we tick, this can then pave the way to release our limiting factors from taking responsibility, towards transforming us into success. 

Have a gander at the following list, to see if you relate to any of these themes that may be either stopping you from helping others, or making you help others when you may not have the reserves? 

List down from the following, or add some of your own, to what may be limiting you to help others when you CHOOSE to and when you can, and remain comfortable as yourself.  If you are unsure, have a go at listening to any responses your body may make when reading a word.  It may be a tummy noise, a tingle, a pressure, temperature change, goosebumps, heaviness etc…

Fear?  Feeling Alone?  Loneliness?  Worthless?  Not good enough?  Weakness?  Strength/Power?  Guilt?  Shame?  Self loathing?  Self hate?  Dis-connection?  Self Neglect?  Perfectionism?  Isolation?  Failure?  Success?  Vulnerable?  Victim?  Knowledge?

And now, ponder on the following words to find what you may be seeking for, or wish to experience.  Allow your senses to guide you to clear your pathway towards helping yourself be calm and comfortable as yourself…

Trust / Self value / Self worth / Self love / Connection / Self Connection / Benevolence / Acceptance / Compassion / Strength/Power / Vulnerable / Knowing

You may notice that I have placed some words in both categories… strength, power and vulnerable.  From my experience, these can have both a positive or negative connotation to some.  As with everything, our perception can produce a profoundly different effect than to someone else’s.  Most things can be experienced differently, and it is about acknowledging what is important to ourselves that matters most and affects our life.

So, after pondering those positive words, you might like to imagine you have that aspect for yourself, how it would look, how it would feel, taste, sound and smell like, and bath in that glorious pool of peace and tranquility.

Remember I am available to do online sessions, so we can work together towards shifting that frustrating NEED to do things, into a comfortable CHOICE. 

I hope this has helped to gain an insight into what drives your need to help others or prevent you from receiving help, and paves the way for owning and basking in your own fulfilling energy.

Stay in tune!! 😉

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